April 17th, 2024

Heart art spreads love and kindness to community

By Lethbridge Herald on February 13, 2024.

Caden De Los Santos and Kira Bomhof, along with the rest of their kindergarten class, place art on the bus loop fence Tuesday during the “Take What You Need” event at Children of St. Martha School. Herald photos by Alejandra Pulido-Guzman

Alejandra Pulido-Guzman – LETHBRIDGE HERALD – apulido@lethbridgeherald.com

Students of Children of St. Martha’s School spread love and kindness to the Lethbridge community through hand-made art during their sixth annual ‘Take What You Need’ event Tuesday. 

Grade 6 teacher Shalyn Amonson said the event encourages members of the community to stop by the bus loop in front of the school, and take some heart art created by students from the fence in hopes of spreading love and kindness to those who need it. 

“We’re trying to teach kindness, compassion and love to our students, so we take the time in class for them to really reflect and create art that is meaningful to them, that they can share with others to help brighten their day, as well,” said Amonson. 

She said the event is as meaningful for students as it is for those taking the art because it is something that students commit their time to, and they put a lot of thought and effort into how they’re going to create it. 

Amonson said the event takes place in the middle of February to brighten up the short days of winter, since the winter blues can make it difficult for people to find joy in their every day life. 

“To be able to even just drive past the fence and see all of the love that is being spread, or to see kids who are eager and excited to share that, can really lighten people’s spirits.” 

Many of the students have participated in the activity since kindergarten, and look forward to it every year, even asking days in advance when it will be time to make heart art to go on the fence.

“They’ve done it for many years now, so it’s something that they look forward to. They like to tell all of their family and friends to stop by.” 

Amonson said students are usually not satisfied with making only one piece of art for the event, they want to create as many as they can, so the love and kindness can be spread to as many members of the community as possible. 

“There was some drawings, some friendship bracelets, some paintings, some cards, lots of inspirational messages and quotes.”

The older students came up with their own messages and quotes to share within their art, and some of them include messages of “you matter” and “you are loved” or “you are important.” 

“We try to practice regularly how God would want us to live our lives and what we can do (for) our neighbours to spread God’s love, so this is one of the ways that we can fulfill God’s wishes for us on this earth by spreading his love to those around us.”

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