April 17th, 2024

Public library hosting author event

By Steffanie Costigan - Lethbridge Herald Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on March 22, 2024.

The Lethbridge Public Library is hosting a local author fair in celebration of writing, this Saturday at main branch downtown. Submitted photo

Lethbridge Public Library is hosting a local author fair at main branch downtown Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. in celebration of writing.

The author fair will showcase variety of different authors and workshops for aspiring authors that are just beginning their writing journey.

“Local Authors Fair has two purposes. One is to promote our indie Lethbridge collection, which is a collection of books for both adults, young adults and (to) meet local authors, or authors who have published their book in the Southern Alberta areas and regions. And it’s those books (who) are all published, from self-published authors or from small presses,” said Jonathan Jarvie of the library.

Jarvie said the event has 17 different authors showcasing their works which ranges from adult books to children’s books.

“The second part is just to promote writing in general. So we have a number of workshops, I believe, six all together over the course of the afternoon, as well as an author fair, where we’ll have (authors) promote their books and sell them to the public,” said Jarvie.

He said in the past the Lethbridge library staged an event before COVID which showcased an indie collection of books. He said the library got a request from a local author who was just starting that an event be held for newer authors.

“We actually had one of our local authors reach out to the library. And she just wanted to have an event that promoted writers who are starting out writing.

“The Word on the Street Festival from the library, or WordBridge has a festival. But they’re for more established writers. She wanted something for people who are just starting out writing or thinking about maybe taking a writing as a hobby, and how we connect with those people and get them more information.”

Jarvie noted this is the first time the library has done an event featuring new local authors’ works and they hope to continue to do it.

“We are hoping to do an annual event; we’re already discussing some plans for doing the same thing next year, but we’ll see how this year goes. But we are at this time planning to make it,” he said.

Jarvie said six presentations will discuss different topics on writing, adding this event will give not only authors an opportunity to sell and showcase their works, but will also give the community an opportunity to learn more about writing.

“(It) will allow people to be more comfortable with writing into people to pick them up as a hobby. And as far as our indie author, collection plenary, hoping that’ll let us kick off this year’s season page. And with allow more books by local authors, these are collections here at the library,” said Jarvie.

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