July 20th, 2024

Gas prices take jump before taxes increase

By Lethbridge Herald on March 28, 2024.

Gasoline prices are seen at the Esso station along Columbia Boulevard on Wednesday morning. Fuel prices have increased at some city stations before the planned April 1 increase in the Alberta fuel tax and the carbon tax. Herald photo by Al Beeber

Gas prices have taken a jump at city pumps before the increase in provincial fuel taxes and the carbon tax on April 1.

And drivers may not see it as a joke.

Regular grade gasoline was selling at 154.9 at several Circle K stations in Lethbridge on Wednesday morning as well as at the  Petro-Canada on 6 Ave. S. and Safeway gas bar in West Lethbridge.

Other stations, including the Circle K on Scenic Drive South beside the AMA, and the westside Co-Op were still advertising regular gas at 148.9.

According to GasBuddy.com, Costco was selling regular for 142.9 on Wednesday morning while Gas Plus on Jerry Potts Blvd. West had it for 144.9.

The Mobil station at Superstore was selling regular for 148.9 mid morning on Wednesday.

In Coalhurst, the Esso station was charging 148.9 for regular Wednesday morning while in Claresholm, five stations were selling regular for 154.9.

Gas prices can be expected to rise starting April 1 when the province raises its fuel tax to 13 cents a litre from nine cents.

Last Thursday, provincial President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance Nate Horner said the government is reviewing the fuel tax rate and will have an update before the end of June.

In a press release, the minister said the government introduced its present tax relief program to help Albertans when they fuelled up with the program saving residents more than $2 billion.

But with the average price of oil dropping below $80 per barrel during the most recent quarterly review period, the provincial fuel tax starting April 1 will be 13 cents per litre.

“Albertans will continue to pay some of the lowest fuel prices in the country even after the fuel tax rate takes effect. As of mid-March, gas prices in Alberta remained 11 cents below the national average and were a full 22 cents lower than when we first announced the fuel tax relief program in March 2022,” said Horner Thursday.

“Alberta’s government is committed to following through with the rate schedule we laid out for the fuel tax relief program last year. When oil prices go back up, the fuel tax rate will come back down. If oil prices rise above $79.99 per barrel, the program will kick back in and the fuel tax rate will drop.”

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Southern Albertan

Provincial fuel tax 13 cents/L with no rebate, federal carbon tax 3 cents/L with a rebate, with the price having gone up before April 1st…..something like being kissed while being _ _ _ _ _ _. Is it past the point of being enjoyable?

Southern Albertan

Also, Alberta, we, had our own carbon tax which was removed by the Kenney UCP. So we got hit with the federal carbon tax, which the UCP knew was going to happen with the now, accompanying _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and moaning.


An excellent point Southern A. But as always a brick wall will be built to ignore this reality. Partisan ideology and the hate such attitudes breeds will always cloud sound thought.


So… the prices jumped PRIOR to the tax increase even took effect ? So not greed, but carbon taxes ? Please explain how that is not a tad sketchy ?