May 25th, 2024

Outdoor show hits the mark

By Lethbridge Herald on April 10, 2024.

Herald Photo by Justin Seward Benjamin Baird learns how to make a fly tie with the help of Shawn Daye-Finley during the Southern Alberta Outdoor Show at the Agri-Food Hub and Trade Centre on Saturday.

Justin Seward
Lethbridge Herald

Anyone from outdoor enthusiasts to hunters and anglers and families alike could immerse themselves in outdoor sports and activities during the Southern Alberta Outdoor Show at the Agri-Food Hub and Trade Centre over the weekend.

“It’s very family-friendly and there’s something for everybody in the outdoors,” said Wes David, host and producer and Fish and Wildlife TV  who also works with Master Promotions that runs the show.

The latest in cutting edge gear, state-of-art technology and receiving advice from industry leaders could all be experienced at the show.

“We (came) down before the show and did some promotional work and we’ve heard everything from five years to 20 years since they’ve had an actual outdoor show and the buzz was real,” said David.

“Everybody that we spoke with, everybody that we worked with was excited that southern Alberta was finally getting their own outdoor show. You’re surrounded by incredible hunting and fishing reservoirs and farming/ranching communities. So it was desperately needed and as you can see, very well accepted.”

Organizers wanted to educate everybody on what in their backyards through the show.

“Whether it’d be the hunting, fishing, whether it’s stream fishing, antelope hunting, deer hunting, camping, everything that goes with the outdoors,” said David.

“And at the same time, let everybody know that hunters, anglers, farmers and ranchers are some of your best, if not the best conservation minded people out there.”

Local resident Ryan Cook does flytying and angling and thinks southern Alberta has a vast array of different outdoor activities.

“To not have a show for as long as we have has been a real waste to be honest,” said Cook.

“There’s not only thriving industry that can come out of our natural wildlands here in southern Alberta, but also just getting the public out and more engaged, and more active in the outdoors and being able to experience what southern Alberta has to offer. It’s a great show that’s allowing us to emphasize that finally.”

Cook agreed that there is an educational aspect to the show.

“That’s again getting people more engaged in the outdoors and the conservation side of things,” said Cook.

“Knowing what we have and what resources we have access to in southern Alberta is a big part of knowing what we need to protect and what we need to look after.”

Sandra Jiggins was with the Alberta Junior Forest Wardens from the Calgary District.

“For me it’s about respect,” said Jiggins, on the why it was important to be at the show.

“Like respecting our environment. Go out and have fun but respect the environment that you’re in.”

The AJFW was also hand because they are looking start a program in Lethbridge come the fall.

“There used to be a club here I guess about  20 years ago and I’m not sure what happened there but we’d love to see more youth and kids involved in our club,” said Jiggins.

“We’re trying to grow our organization, we are provincial-wide, but we really don’t have a club south of Calgary.”

AJFW is for Grades 1-12.

More information is available at

Vendors at the event included hunting and fishing guides, boating, powersports, equipment and gear and hunting to name a few.

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