May 29th, 2024

Grants available to address security issues

By Al Beeber - Lethbridge Herald on April 26, 2024.

Herald photo by Al Beeber Fencing is seen set up behind a downtown business. CPTED funding is available for businesses, building owners and tenants in the downtown core to address security issues.


Funding is available businesses, building owners and tenants in the core to address security issues.

The Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) grant provides funding for permanent property improvements that enhance security and crime prevention measures.

The program provides 50 per cent of matching funds up to a maximum of $5,000 per successful applicant.

City of Lethbridge Urban Revitalization Manager Crystal Scheit said Thursday that applications are open until the funds have gone. When that happens, the City will put up a notice on its website that applications are no longer being accepted.

Originally, $50,000 was allocated for 2024 but an additional $100,000 was reallocated into the pot for the grant, Scheidt said.

The grant is focused on the urban core.

Eligible projects are ones that consist of permanent security enhancements including security fencing, lighting, and locking systems. These can items such as include shutters, shatter-proof glass, bars or gates.

Projects have to be on private property located downtown, in the warehouse district or on 13 St. N. with front-facing properties between 1 Ave. N. and 9 Ave. N.

Applicants need to have an ownership interest in eligible properties and/or be a commercial tenant with a current City business licence. And applicants/properties can’t be in arrears on municipal taxes, utilities or any other municipal charge.

Ineligible expenses include items such as:

• Ongoing operation, general maintenance and life cycle costs;

• Non-permanent finishes and equipment including rentals;

• Construction equipment and related hardware, tools, machinery;

• Construction insurance and permits;

• Administration, financial reporting,fundraising, preparing the application, and

similar activities; and

•Expenses incurred prior to date of grant application approval.

Successful applicants have a year to complete projects and retroactive funding isn’t permitted.

Applicants must provide current photos of properties and “after” photos showing finished projects. Funds will be provided after the approval of a CPTED final report and City inspections.

The application form can be found at

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So we have another 150k of taxpayers funding going up in a grant. Which is money you don’t need to pay back. Free taxpayers money provided by their hard work.


It helps for those who can match the funds, unfortunately there are many who have lost hope or just cannot come up with more funds. Many businesses didn’t plan on having enough funds to survive 5 years while their business grows when they opened up, which these days is a must.
I have noticed that many complain about the issues in our downtown, including the rest of the city, but you never see them at any of the police information meetings, which at best you may see 40 citizens attend or the downtown lawlessness reduction task force, where at best I have seen only 5 citizens in the meeting attending.
If you want change, you need to get involved and express your concerns, and report incidents to LPS so at the very least, they have the data which can be used in planning where resources are needed.
LPS is still undermanned, and the new hires have not helped much due to attrition and the North American wide recruiting issues.
Most of those meetings the public is given a maximum of 5 minutes to express concerns “respectfully!”
People need to get involved! This is your city!

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