May 28th, 2024

Tips for spring cyclists to avoid bike thefts

By Steffanie Costigan - Lethbridge Herald Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on April 27, 2024.

Herald photo by Steffanie Costigan Team sales manager Jessica Herbst and employee Chelsea Curran display some of the bike locks available at Bert & Macs.

With spring upon us community members are excitingly rolling out their bicycles to get some outdoor exercise.

However,with bike theft being high in Lethbridge Aaron Brown at Bert and Mac’s Source for Sports has some tips to deter bicycle thieves.

“We want the (thieves) to realize that they want to move on to another bike because this one is secure. So we want them to move on to something else, unfortunately, that may or may not be as secure. There is no lock in present, (that is) foolproof, but we’re trying to make sure that it’s done as a deterrent,” said Brown.

Brown also advised community members to register their bicycles with the Lethbridge Police Service to ensure even more protection.

“Registering your bike onto the bike index, the Lethbridge Police Service has also goes a long way because you can scan a QR code, and they can get it back to the rightful owner. So that also helps with returning bikes to the proper owner.”

Brown recommended what he believes to be one of the more secure bike locks. “The ones that we recommend here are anything that’s going to bind up, like cut-proof, or grinder proof. It has some sort of covering that is cut proof or grinder proof,” said Brown whose staff recommends buying locks made of tempered steel.

“The drawback to all that is they become very heavy locks. But once again, it’s the deterrent, the lock company that we highly recommend is called ABUS. It’s a German company,” he said.

He said reports they have heard from customers is that bike thefts are less successful with ABUS locks. He shared other recommended bike locks.

“The other part of the locks that are being more and more popular now are ones that actually come with alarms. If the bike gets moved or rattled around it actually has an audible sound,” said Brown.

Brown described different tools which can assist with keeping bicycle tires secure and deterring bike thieves from stealing tires.

“Most wheels come with what they call a quick release system. It’s very easy to grab and go. What we recommend here is actually a cable system, which would go through the wheels to keep them secure to the bike.

“Once again, it’s just another part of the deterrent. The other part you can do is you can switch out your quick release axle to just bolts or nuts on the end. So that takes a tool to get them off. And not just a quick release.”

Brown emphasized the importance of ensuring your bike is locked up to an immovable object.

“Make sure that it’s locked to an immovable object. And that you do your best to secure as many parts of the bike as you can, whether it’s with a U lock, or a chain lock, or a combination of two.

“Make sure your bike is locked up in a well-lit area, something that emits a lot of natural light, or it’s well-lit – once again to add a level of deterrence. Nobody likes to steal a bike in broad daylight, but we know it does happen.”

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