July 15th, 2024

A different kind of circus rolls into the city

By Lethbridge Herald on June 13, 2024.

Herald photo by Alejandra Pulido-Guzman The circus has rolled into town to spook audiences in the parking lot of the Enmax Centre from Thursday to Sunday.

Alexandra Pulido-Guzman

The circus has rolled into town with an unexpected twist to bring residents an opportunity to experience a show that is intended for adult audiences only. 

Benjamin Holland, general manager and contortionist with Paranormal Cirque, told the Herald in a recent phone interview that the show brings everything people expect from a circus such as acrobats, stunts and all that but with a spooky, scary, Halloween horror twist. 

“I would say this is like a mix between a horror movie and a circus. I think it is the type of show for people who like Halloween all year-round and love their horror movies. This is the type of show for that kind of people” said Holland. 

When talking about the horror twist on a regular circus, Holland said it is something that is apparently very common in Europe where the show originated. 

“The show originates from Italy, and over there it is very commonplace to have horror-theme circuses and the owner, who is from Italy, came to the United States and realized there was no horror-themed circuses,” said Holland.

He said the owner also realized there was a space in the market for people who  will enjoy them and that’s how the Paranormal Cirque came to be in 2018. 

“I have been working here for the past five years or so, and it is what I do. Everyone has a job, this is my job. What i do when i go to work is I pop my bones out of place and freak people out,” said Holland. 

He said a lot time people try to cover their faces but still peek through  fingers because they can’t completely look away. 

Those in attendance can expect to see not only a horror twist on regular circus performances, but also those taken to a whole new level, according to Holland. 

“The show is two hours long, an accumulation of all kinds of things. Every five to six minutes is something different, it’s non-stop action,” said Holland. 

He said they have a world-class magician who makes people appear and disappear all over the place, and those wanting to see a high wire walker can expect that. 

“We said, how about we have a high wire walker and take it to the next level? So we have a motorcycle that runs on a high wire 30 feet above everyone’s head, “ said Holland. 

He added one  performers gives Rapunzel a run for her money with the stunts she performs while hanging from her hair. 

“We have a lady that swings by her hair, she is held up only by a knot on her hair and she swings all over the place,” said Holland. 

The show so far has been in Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Red Deer and Calgary with their next stop here in Lethbridge. 

“The response from the public has been amazing, it’s been fantastic and everywhere we have been in Canada the shows have been full every single night and everyone seems to love it,” said Holland. 

Holland said it is  important to offer the show in an actual circus tent as opposed to another venue. 

“That’s the whole ambience of the circus, that’s the setting, that’s where it is supposed to be,” said Holland. 

“The show is rated R for adult content, it’s kinda bloody and gory, there is adult language, adult jokes. I would recommend it for adults, leave the kids at home, get a sitter, enjoy a nice night out for mom and dad, or a night out with your friends,” said Holland. 

He said people between 13 and 17 years old can attend the show with an adult who is a minimum of 21 years old and provides proof by means of an ID, as well as signing a waiver. 

“It’s basically a waiver saying that you understand that there is adult content, that the show is rated R, not intended for children, contains inappropriate language. So, if that’s okay with parents it’s okay with us, but that is what the waiver is for,” said Holland. 

He said that after spending a few days here, the circus will head to Regina, Winnipeg and other cities across Canada all summer. 

Those wanting to attend are warned about the use of strobe lights during the performances.


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