October 25th, 2021

Council Candidates

Mark Campbell: Campbell ready to put first term experience to work for city

By Tim Kalinowski on September 23rd, 2021

LETHBRIDGE HERALDtkalinowski@lethbridgeherald.com Incumbent city councillor Mark Campbell says he has learned a lot the past four years over the course of a very challenging term, and he is ready to re-dedicate all his energy and efforts to making the city a better place to live for everyone over the next four years if re-elected. “I ... Read More »

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Ryan Parker: Parker says his values remain firm as he seeks eighth term on council

By Tim Kalinowski on September 18th, 2021

LETHBRIDGE HERALDtkalinowski@lethbridgeherald.com Incumbent Ryan Parker has declared his intention to run for his eighth term on city council this fall. Parker was first elected to council when he was just 23-years-old. “Over the years my values have always stayed the same,” Parker told reporters on Friday. “I am who I am based on how my ... Read More »

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Harold Pereverseff: City council candidate wants a safe community for families and business

By Al Beeber on September 17th, 2021

LETHBRIDGE HERALDabeeber@lethbridgeherald.com If third time is indeed the charm, Harold Pereverseff may find himself elected to city council in October. Pereverseff, a 35-year-resident of Lethbridge, announced his candidacy for city council on Thursday at City Hall. Pereverseff has run twice previously for council and is hoping to build on the momentum he had in 2017. ... Read More »

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Boyd Thomas: Candidate looking to community for higher voter turnout

By Tim Kalinowski on September 16th, 2021

LETHBRIDGE HERALDtkalinowski@lethbridgeherald.com City council candidate Boyd Thomas offers voters a choice of choosing hope and hard work over apathy and despair to make the city a better, more inclusive and safer place for all residents. “Twenty per cent voting turnout is not very good,” he states. “I think a lot of people have apathy that ... Read More »

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Tim Vanderbeek: Council candidate says city should focus on what it has

By Tim Kalinowski on September 14th, 2021

LETHBRIDGE HERALDtkalinowski@lethbridgeherald.com City council candidate Tim Vanderbeek says rather than the city investing in new green spaces and other recreational or cultural infrastructure it should focus on keeping and maintaining what it already has. “One of the biggest things is (this council) did the cutbacks, and that has impacted on things like parks and streets,” ... Read More »

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Chris Rowley: Council candidate aims to advocate for those who don’t have a voice

By Tim Kalinowski on September 10th, 2021

LETHBRIDGE HERALDtkalinowski@lethbridgeherald.com City council candidate Chris Rowley says he would be a voice for the disadvantaged and low income people in the community if elected this fall. “I am running for city council because I feel the homeless and the low income (people) don’t have a voice on council,” he says; “especially this last term. ... Read More »

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Rufa Doria: Council candidate says a flourishing city needs to be a common goal

By Tim Kalinowski on September 2nd, 2021

LETHBRIDGE HERALDtkalinowski@lethbridgeherald.com City council candidate Rufa Doria says running for elected office in Lethbridge means minding her ABCs – that is being “attentive” to the needs of the community, keeping “business in mind” in build a flourishing economy, and building a “community of the soul” where the interests of all citizens are taken care of ... Read More »

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John Middleton-Hope: Retired police chief running for spot on city council

By Tim Kalinowski on August 20th, 2021

LETHBRIDGE HERALDtkalinowski@lethbridgeherald.com Retired Lethbridge Chief of Police John Middleton-Hope will be running for city council this fall on a platform of public safety, leadership and continuous economic development. Middleton-Hope announced his candidacy at the Galt Museum on Thursday. Not surprisingly for the former Chief of Police, who retired from policing in 2006 and continues to ... Read More »

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Bernard (Bernie) Mbonihankuye: Council candidate running on a community agenda

By Tim Kalinowski on August 11th, 2021

LETHBRIDGE HERALDtkalinowski@lethbridgeherald.com City council candidate Bernard (Bernie) Mbonihankuye says his main priorities if elected would be economic stability and social accountability. Mbonihankuye says his own experience as a homeless youth on the streets of Lethbridge as well as his two years spent at King of Trade in the business community give him a unique insight. ... Read More »

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Dale P. Leier: Candidate looking for transparency, growth and performance on city council

By Tim Kalinowski on July 24th, 2021

LETHBRIDGE HERALDtkalinowski@lethbridgeherald.com Lethbridge-based entrepreneur and libertarian thinker Dale P. Leier recently announced his bid to run for a city council seat in this fall’s municipal election. “I think council needs to be more transparent,” he says. “The three key planks of my platform are transparency, growth and performance. Are we getting value for money? Are ... Read More »

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Bradley Whalen: Mayoral candidate switches to run for council

By Tim Kalinowski on July 14th, 2021

LETHBRIDGE HERALDtkalinowski@lethbridgeherald.com Lethbridge municipal candidate and local business owner Bradley Whalen will be withdrawing his name to run for the mayor’s office, and will run for city council instead. Whalen filed papers with the City Clerk’s office on Tuesday stating his intention to run for a council seat after announcing he would endorse mayoral candidate ... Read More »

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