January 22nd, 2021


Tubs for Toys Back for its Tenth Year


For the last decade, The Ensuite Kitchen & Bath in Lethbridge has been dedicated to providing children in the community with presents under the Christmas tree, when they might not have before.

In its tenth year, The Ensuite Kitchen & Bath is teaming up with YWCA Lethbridge and encouraging the community to help them fill their showroom with as many toys as they can to give back to the less fortunate children in the community for the annual Tubs for Toys initiative. During tough economic times, many families are unable to provide their children with gifts making the holidays even harder to push through, but Ensuite and the YWCA through the Tubs for Toys campaign are able to ease that stress.

“This is our tenth annual Tub for Toys, and every year we collect toys from our customers, the community and our vendors and then we donate all of the toys to the Lethbridge YWCA,” says Courtney Chynoweth, supervisor of Ensuite Kitchen & Bath. “We also collect money from our vendors and then we match that money and we do a big shopping trip at Mastermind Toys here in Lethbridge and then Mastermind also does a donation of toys as well.”

Children around the holidays get excited for Christmas morning when they are able to open up gifts from loved ones, and Chynoweth says there is nothing better than the feeling of giving back to the community and knowing that on Christmas morning, hundreds of youth throughout Lethbridge will have a gift to open.

“It is amazing, giving back through this drive just have you an uplifting feeling and a smile,” says Chynoweth. “Even when you are doing the shopping you just put so much thought into it such as a little boy or girl would really like this toy, and it is just a really great feeling to give back to the community.”

Since the beginning of the Tubs for Toys campaign, thanks to the community support, The Ensuite Kitchen & Bath has been able to donate toys to around 7,000 children during the holidays over the last decade. The campaign not only brings joy through presents to younger children who are looking forward to new toys at the holidays, but also to the teenagers who are looking forward to some new items and the feeling that someone in the community wants them to have a happy holiday.

“Each year we have been able to help out around 700 children here in Lethbridge,” says Chynoweth. “It’s for all ages, so it’s not just the little kids, it is also the older kids as well and I think that is something people sometimes forget, when they come and drop off toys sometimes the older kids do get forgotten.”

Tubs For Toys is an easy process for people to be involved in, as community members and businesses are able to go out and purchase items on their own time that they think youth in the community would like, then drop by The Ensuite Kitchen & Bath showroom, located at 316 24 Street North, and place the unwrapped toys anywhere in the room, until December 13th. On December 16, the YWCA collects all of the toys from the showroom and sorts through all of the presents, wraps them up and then delivers them to homes throughout the city. The Ensuite Kitchen & Bath, along with the YWCA Lethbridge would like everyone in the community to have a happy holiday and encourage the community to give back to the youth to make their holiday season even brighter.

For more information about what’s new at The Ensuite Bath & Kitchen Showroom visit their website at ensuitelethbridge.com.

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