June 18th, 2024


It’s time to get your eyes checked, Lethbridge


Quality eyecare and affordable eyewear available at Specsavers

Andrea Henning, Retail Partner for Specsavers Park Place Mall with her team.

One-in-three Albertans are not having regular eye exams*, potentially putting their vision at risk. Many eye conditions can have no symptoms until they have progressed quite significantly, which means that your eye health may be changing without you experiencing any difference to your vision. 75%** of conditions that cause vision loss can be prevented and managed through regular eye exams.

Are all eye exams the same?

At Specsavers, all patients receive an advanced 3D eye scan – optical coherence tomography (OCT) – as part of the standard eye exam. OCT helps us to see what’s going on beneath the surface of your eye and can detect potentially sight-threatening conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration.

If eye exams are critical to preventing vision loss, why are Albertans not getting checked regularly? In a survey commissioned by Specsavers and conducted by Research Co, we learned that a surprising number of Albertans are skipping having a routine eye exam, and 55%*** of Canadians feel that eyewear is not affordable. Specsavers is passionate about changing that – with a complete pair of glasses, single-vision lenses included, from $69.

“Providing quality eye care and affordable eye wear is the heart of our business,” said Andrea Henning, Retail Partner, Specsavers Lethbridge. “We want patients and customers to have a positive health care experience with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Knowing we can provide a great service at a more accessible price is reassuring for anyone who comes through our doors.”

In April 2022, Specsavers announced an investment of $25 million into Alberta. This investment will contribute to the opening of 50 high-tech optometry clinics and optical stores in the province by 2024, creating over 750 essential service jobs, has the goal of improving Albertans’ eye health and reducing preventable blindness.

“We’re on a mission to encourage all Albertans to prioritize their eye health”, said Bill Moir, Managing Director, Specsavers Canada. “We are focused on early detection of major eye conditions, ensuring that avoidable causes of vision loss are prevented through routine eye exams.”

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