April 23rd, 2024


HearingLife Canada hears, understands and fully helps clients’ needs


Savings: “up to $2000 off on your purchase of a pair of the latest hearing aids”

HearingLife wants to ensure people who need help to hear better, get the assistance they need to do so.

However, they know there could be some apprehension for a number of reasons: Denial that there is a need for help, questions about a one-kind-fits-all hearing aid, affordability and how it will look and how to care for a hearing aid.

While it may be easy to go to a big box store to get a quick test and then grab a hearing aid, that may not be the best approach for you.

According to Katie Koebel, Senior Manager Audiology, “Our company was founded by a husband who was determined to help his wife lead a better life. Hans Demant wanted to help his wife, Camilla Demant, hear better despite her hearing loss. More specifically, he wanted to help her find a solution that suited her individual hearing needs.”

So, at HearingLife when someone decides to get assistance, a free hearing test is conducted. 

Following that, there is a consultation between the client and hearing professional about their options. There is a wide selection of hearing aids to choose from with various award-winning brands. The recommendation from our trained staff, takes into consideration the best hearing aid to improve your life within your budget.

Once that is done, the communication doesn’t stop there. Once fitted, there is a 30-day free trial and after that, a 90-day risk-free purchase period. In other words, you get a full 90-day satisfaction guarantee with no fees for returns or exchanges. This is HearingLife’s 360-After Care Guarantee.

HearingLife understands that after purchase support is vital. From instructions on how to use your hearing aid, to cleaning, maintenance and connecting your hearing aids to your devices. The door is always open to come back and get the assistance needed. There is also a three-year hearing aid maintenance plan which includes free hearing aid cleaning assistance, fitting, adjustment, and repair; free batteries, domes as well as loss and replacement coverage. 

There are also free online and in-person consultations which include regular service check-ups and online tutorials.

These are just some of the unique services offered by HearingLife that ensures quality, affordability and continued care.

There are over 300 clinics across Canada.

With more than 5 clinics in Lethbridge, HearingLife is in your neighbourhood. Please call 1-888-514-9515 to make an appointment.

For more information, visit the website at Hearinglife.ca

Other social media site include X (formerly Twitter): https://twitter.com/hearinglifeca; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hearinglifecanada/ or email:  info@hearinglife.ca

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