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HearingLife wants you to know why it’s important to get a hearing test and what to expect

Does it feel like someone turned down the volume in your world, so much so, that you rarely hear the sounds your friends and family hear?

Did you have a hard time hearing a conversation because of the background noise the last time you cheered on the Hurricanes at the ENMAX Centre? Were you able to enjoy the full complexity of arrangements during your outing to the Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra? Or maybe you got together with friends at the Casino and found it difficult to decipher what slot machine was ringing.

You may not realize these types of frustrations building up over time, as hearing loss happens gradually. Age increases the likelihood of experiencing hearing loss, and by 60, if you haven’t had your hearing tested recently, it’s time to visit your Lethbridge HearingLife hearing care professional.

“People don’t get tested because they don’t think they’re having an issue,” says Katie Koebel, Audiologist and senior manager of Audiology, HearingLife Canada. “They tend to blame it on external circumstances, such as people just mumbling, and they don’t believe they’re having a problem.”

Why get your hearing tested?

Early identification of hearing loss is important for timely intervention and treatment. By scheduling a free hearing assessment at the earliest opportunity, you can identify any potential hearing loss early on and take proactive steps to address it.

“We cannot reverse hearing loss, but with the help of technology and care to manage it better, you can live life to its fullest,” reveals Koebel.

HearingLife offers comprehensive hearing tests designed to assess your hearing health, and ensure you receive personalized solutions tailored to your specific hearing needs.

Your free hearing test includes crucial SIN (Speech in Noise) testing as part of HearingLife’s comprehensive hearing assessment. SIN testing is essential to understanding the true scope of your hearing loss and determining its effect on your communication and lifestyle.

Understanding how your hearing loss affects your ability to effectively converse in noisy situations is crucial in the treatment of your hearing loss and fitting of hearing aids if needed.

HearingLife client, Steffie Faber, offers her advice to someone sitting on the fence but knows they have a hearing loss: “Do get your hearing checked. Hearing aids are an adjustment at first, but you’ll notice such an improvement in hearing details again.”

Five steps to expect in your HearingLife hearing test

Not only is your hearing test painless and takes less than an hour to complete, you’ll leave with a concrete plan to better hearing.

1. You’ll be asked questions about your hearing and health history to identify any potential red flags where a medical referral is necessary, which also provides insight into your hearing concerns.

2. Your ears will be examined with an otoscope to ensure there are no blockages in your outer ear and to check the health of your eardrum.

3. A tympanogram test is administered, where you’ll feel a gentle puff of air in your ears; results inform on the health of your middle ear and eardrum.

4. In their sound-treated booth, you’ll wear special headphones and be asked to either raise your hand or press a button every time a tone is heard.

Tones are played at varying loudness levels and pitches with the goal of finding the softest level you can hear in each pitch. Once your pure tone thresholds have been found, you’ll repeat back words in both quiet and with background noise applied to test how well you can decipher speech.

5. Your results will be planted on an audiogram that your hearing care provider will explain, including how it’s affecting your communication and if a treatment plan is needed. If hearing aids are recommended, you will even get to try them that day.

With six HearingLife clinics in Lethbridge, call 1-888-514-9515 to book an appointment at a location near you. This month, better hearing gets more affordable at HearingLife with up to $1700 off your purchase of a pair of hearing aids. For more information visit,HearingLife.ca.

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