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Several local groups offering pandemic activities

By Jensen, Randy on March 26, 2020.

Lethbridge Herald

The Lethbridge Sport Council is providing numerous ways to stay active during the COVID-19 pandemic, compiling a list of local organizations and businesses – and non-local related organizations – who are offering active living, active recreation and sport opportunities in alternate ways such as providing online resources, Facebook Live or YouTube videos.

The LSC is offering their Canada 150 Get Active Through Sport initiative, while the Active Lethbridge website has several great blog posts at

The Copperwood Community page is posting resources for families on their Facebook page at, while Lethbridge Public Library’s Facebook page offers a live streaming program schedule (

The Lethbridge Early Years Coalition Facebook page ( has links to many online interactive pages and Be Fit for Life Lethbridge College has created a page of ideas on their website at

Medicine Hat Be Fit for Life has a schedule which started Monday to check out videos of their most popular classes and family active breaks. The links will be open to the public and posted on their Facebook page or email to request the links.

Every Tuesday, the Lethbridge Hurricanes will release a new player workbook designed for students in Grades 1-7. Each activity shows the recommended grade level. The activities are for all ages with real-life context. Visit for the link.

The Lethbridge Bulls are offering Bulls in Quarantine on their Facebook page.

By watching a previous Bulls game and correctly answering the trivia question following the game, viewers can be entered to win tickets to a future Bulls game by asking kids to record runs, hits and errors, then test their memory to answer the question.

See further information on the Bulls’ Facebook page at

Lethbridge Gymnastics is hosting daily live gymnastics for children and adults on their Facebook page at

The West Wind Gymnastics Club is putting together YouTube videos of at-home stretches, workouts and games at, while the LA Hotshots Target Shooting Club is posting home training resources on their Facebook page (

The Lethbridge Boxing Club has been sharing daily workouts on their Facebook page at, featuring a variety of general workouts, boxing specific, and yoga.

Merritts Ultimate Taekwon-Do is hosting live classes for its members on Facebook at and Legacy Tae Kwon Do is hosting virtual lessons via Dojang YouTube Channel (

Extreme Cheer Sensation is sharing cheer-related activities and Perfect Storm Athletics are sharing online activities and stretching resources and hosting their training sessions online via the Zoom application. Extreme Cheer Sensation’s Facebook page is Go to for Perfect Storm Athletics page.

Ammena Dance Company is hosting their training sessions online via the Zoom application. Message their page for more information and how to join at

Starbound Dance Centre is hosting their training sessions online. For more information and to register, visit their website at

The Gym In The North has created 32 at-home workouts for download along with a challenge on their Facebook page at They also offer live online workouts for $50 with a trainer at

Fuel Lifestyle & Performance is bringing a virtual gym experience to everyone with their new online service on their website at

Cornasium Daily Workouts are at

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