January 20th, 2021

Humbolt preparing virtual tribute for anniversary of Broncos tragedy

By Woodard, Dale on April 4, 2020.

The City of Humboldt, in collaboration with representatives of the 2017-18 Humboldt Broncos Families, are preparing a dedicated web page on the City of Humboldt’s web site at http://www.humboldt.ca/tribute that will serve as a “virtual tribute” in recognition of the second anniversary of the Humboldt Broncos tragedy of April 6, 2018.

Provincial Orders set forth due to the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented proceeding with the original plan, which was to create a temporary special exhibit comprised of a representation of the many creative and unique memorabilia items received in the days and weeks that followed the tragedy.

Additionally, the St. Augustine Catholic Church in Humboldt will toll their bells at approximately 4:50 p.m. on Monday in recognition of the approximate date and time that the tragedy occurred two years ago. It is intended this will be captured by a live video feed on the City of Humboldt’s Facebook page, followed by a moment of silence.

Mayor Muench has proclaimed Monday as “2017-18 Humboldt Broncos Day” in the City of Humboldt and encourages all citizens to observe a moment of silence, no matter where they may be, at the same time.

The web page http://www.humboldt.ca/tribute will be launched and available to view at noon on Monday. The page will remain on the website permanently and will be updated from time to time.

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