July 14th, 2024

Cudas ship veterans to Shamrocks

By Lethbridge Herald on July 1, 2022.

By Justin Seward

Lethbridge Herald

The Lethbridge Barracudas  Tier 1 Junior B lacrosse team made a splash  in the days prior to Wednesday’s trade deadline by trading their top two-point getters  and graduating players Jaxson Geddes and Mark Federkeil to the Calgary Shamrocks in exchange for future considerations.

While it was tough to trade their top players, it is a chance for both players to chase a Founders Cup with the division-leading Shamrocks and for the Cudas to do what’s best for the organization moving forward.

“First off, we had to make a decision on exactly where we were at,” said Cudas head coach Darren Andre.

“It’s a tough question to answer, but ultimately we decided that this wasn’t our year. So, yeah, there was a lot of interest in those two from around the league and outside of the province as well. Ultimately, we decided to stay within Alberta, stay within the south conference — even being a little closer to home .”

A  factor  in the trade was the  success the Shamrocks are seeing this year.

“ I don’t know after last weekend, (but) I know before our three-game weekend, the two of them, I think they had 140 points between the two of them and like 80 goals,” he said.

“So adding those two to their roster, I think also it gives our two 20-year-olds their best chance to go to Founders as well.”

Andre thinks the future considerations will help when the Cudas make a run in a future year.

“That means when it is our year, we hand pick the two best players off that team and take them with us,” he said.

Geddes leads the league with 102 points and Federkeil ranks fifth with 64 points in 16 games.

Both players played all five years with their hometown Cudas.

“They should be able to leave with their head hung high,” said Andre.

“Because where they started with the organization compared to where they’ve taken it to now, we’re in such a good place and they were such a huge part of that process getting us there.”

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