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Graham represents well on international long-drive stage

By Justin Seward - Lethbridge Herald on November 9, 2022.

Submitted photo Sara Graham readys herself to hit the ball a long way during the Ultimate Long Drive Worlds in Florida.

Lethbridge’s Sara Graham capped off her first season in golf’s long-drive competitions with a third place finish as a part of Team Canada at the Ultimate Long Drive Worlds in Florida recently.

There were 14 countries and 240 hitters at the four-day event.

“Oh my gosh it was amazing,” said Graham.

“So we just like visited the grid on the Thursday and I had to get the nerves out,” said Graham.

“I’m so glad I didn’t hit that day because I was like, ‘Whoa.’ I was amped up the whole time, just like being there and watching everybody warm up and everything.”

Graham hit on Oct. 28 in the Amateur Women’s Open division with hitters from Japan, Asia, South Africa, USA and Canada.

“It was intense,” she said.

“I likemade it through my first two sets without (going out of bounds), but I didn’t put up any good numbers. And on my third set É I had three really nice ones. My longest was able to clinch third place but I didn’t make the finals.”

The finals were played between a South African hitter and the USA national champion.

“But they approached me after and we all talked, and they like expressed the fact that they were like, ‘What happened to you? You had us worried (and) nervous that you were the one to beat, ‘” said Graham.

“So that felt really good for my ego and everything like that because it was my first loss —my first like not first (place) all season É But I needed the experience and I learned so much.”

It was the next day she hit in the professional 40 plus XLD category and Graham placed fourth out four hitters.

There were 14 Canadians that won championships.

Graham won the Amateur Long Drive Canada Women’s Open category for the Alberta Series in September and was invited to the ULD.

“I’m absolutely hooked and I’m only going to get better,” said Graham.

“And more people need to come out and hit because nobody knows their true potential until they try.”

She plans to work on her mental game, swing training, speed training and setting serious fitness goals this offseason.

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