June 20th, 2024

Lethbridge speed skater excels on national stage


Photo Courtesy Shohei Creations Mikka Eaves was one of two Alberta skaters who participated in the 2022 Canadian Junior Short Track Championships last month in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Mikka Eaves was one of two Alberta skaters who participated in the 2022 Canadian Junior Short Track Championships that occurred in Sherbrooke, Quebec, November 25th to 27th. Battling top skaters from across the country, Mikka finished 16th overall and 6th among skaters her age. Mikka was one of the youngest skaters at the event, so she will have a chance to participate in the event for two more years.

Recently, Speed Skating Alberta made the official announcement about the short track and long track teams that will be representing the province at the Canada Winter Games in February. Two Lethbridge skaters, Mikka Eaves and Zakhary Adelman, were both named to the short track speed skating team. They will be training with the provincial team in preparation for the event in Prince Edward Island later during the winter.

Younger members of the Lethbridge Speed Skating Club were also active this past weekend, participating in the Canmore/Banff Ice Racing Challenge. Skaters participated in five short track speed skating races, including heats and finals for the 200 metre and 400 metre events, and a single distance event of their choosing ranging from 100 metres to 1500 metres. Gavin Ogilvie won all five races he participated in, setting personal bests in the 200 and 400 events. He won the gold medal for the Youth 1500 event and also won the award as the top youth male skater at the event. Aiden Cho also won a gold medal at the meet. Although he was participating in one of his first events, Aiden finished with the fastest 100 metre time for the single distance race. Other Lethbridge skaters also had a great weekend, setting numerous personal bests and demonstrating great improvements in technique. These skaters included Zosia Adelman, Claire Peake, Theo Hazendonk, Jayden Cho, and Olivia Cho. In addition to skating, Zosia was also active supporting and coaching her younger teammates.

The short track speed skating season will now be put on hold, as skaters will focus their attention on long track speed skating for the next two months.

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