June 25th, 2024

Kodiaks make some noise for mental health

By Lethbridge Herald on January 30, 2023.

Herald photo by JUSTIN SEWARD Malorie Hanson and Justin Fisher of the Kodiaks Leadership Council hold up signs of mental health messages during the Make Some Noise for Mental Health Campaign over the weekend.

By Justin Seward

Lethbridge Herald

Lethbridge College’s Val Matteotti Gym was not only loud for the Kodiaks, but also for the Make Some Noise for Mental Health Campaign over the weekend.

The eighth annual campaign has been hosted by RBC in partnership with the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference to further the conversation surrounding mental health and providing more information.

Members of the Kodiaks Leadership Council were delivering information through various activities throughout Friday and Saturday home games.

“From what I understand it started out as a campaign, I think SAIT started it back in 2015, and it became a conference-wide campaign after that, where every school would host an event during a certain weekend of the season where we simply do activities to bring awareness to mental health issues,” said KLC member and cross-country/indoor track athlete Justin Fisher.

“Especially this time of year, it being January, the darker days of the month and everything plus with the school and everything. It’s pretty common for students, and athletes and people across the province and country to really struggle with their mental health in different areas. So we want to bring awareness to that and let people know that there’s help out there (and)that there’s resources out there.”

The council made posters and Instagram posts surrounding the campaign and had the fans cheering loud for mental health as well as a slide show of athletes displaying signs of mental health messages.

“And as you can see with the events here at the basketball games, we’re cheering loud and doing different trivia, mental health trivia, and things like that,” said Fisher.

KLC has also been working with the College’s wellness team to provide information on the counseling opportunities available.

Fisher recommends for people to reach out.

“If you need to reach out to anyone, it’s sometimes simple as a phone call or just meeting up with a friend and saying, Hey like I’ve been struggling,” said Fisher.

“People want to help and they just often don’t know how to help. I say the schools, to see what resources your school has and see what’s available. Don’t be shy to talk to someone at the school, to someone you look up to, whether it’s a professor or an instructor or someone as well. Those are people that can help you out.”

LC soccer player Malorie Hanson was a part of the campaign and she feels it’s important as a student-athlete that mental health needs to be prioritized.

“And also like I’ve had some very serious injuries in the past, so mental health is something that’s super important to take care of moving forward as an athlete and also managing your stress as a student, said Hanson.

“So I think that this is a super important campaign (to)just kind of managing your  health in all dimensions.”

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