June 25th, 2024

LSHOF nomination deadline is today

By Lethbridge Herald on January 30, 2023.

By Troy Bannerman

Lethbridge Herald

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The deadline for the Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame nominations is today.

LSHOF was created in 1985 to through a city centennial project to recognize the history in Lethbridge and the surrounding area.

In particular, LSHOF recognizes athletes, builders and teams who have been instrumental in Southern Alberta.

In describing what he is looking for in nominees, LSHOF chair Paul Kingsmith said, “When we are looking at the nominees that we get … There’s a couple of things that we really look for. No. 1 is athletes, or teams, or builders who are from Lethbridge but have gone on to represent the city at the highest level of the sport. Athletes, and teams, and builders who have gone on to professional ranks or Olympics or national championships or won provincial championships, things like that from the city to achieve things at the national level. The other thing we look at though, which I think is really interesting is those who have stayed in Lethbridge and who are either from here or come to our city and made a lasting impact in the way that they helped to build sport in Lethbridge, that helped to build those systems that go on to create those athletes that go on to the national level, or just provide an outlet for young people or old people to just enjoy sport and all the benefits that it brings. So, I think it is one of the unique things about our Hall of Fame is that we highlight those who have gone to the Olympics, but we also make sure that we recognize those who are here and making an impact day to day in Lethbridge in this community.”

Kingsmith explained, “I think what we like to stress is it’s an open online process you can go to https://www.lethbridgesportshalloffame.ca and you can nominate the teams, athlete, builder or special award category nominees right through there. What we ask for and what we want to stress is that to help us make an informed decision is to provide as much information as possible. So, whether it’s letters supplied by those that can help the nomination, whether its old records of the athletes, or the teams things like newspaper articles, like old article from the Herald or any other outlets go a long way to helping us form a full picture of who the nominees are and why they should be inducted. And I think that the easier you can make that argument the easier it is for the induction committee to understand the impact because we are not all personally familiar with each person. So, having those that know the nominees best help to shape that argument and help to provide us the information. We appreciate that so much.

The nominations for this year are coming up quick. January 31st is when we asked nominations to go in.

If people potentially need a little more time or have questions head to our website; https://www.lethbridgesportshalloffame.ca.

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