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Rieder inks Letter of Intent with Dinos

By Lethbridge Herald on March 2, 2023.

Herald File PHOTO From left, University of Dinos head Coach Wayne Harris, Greyson Rieder and U of C’s assistant head coach Matt Berry were on Hand for Rieder’s Letter of Intent signing in this March 2023 File Photo. Rieder will end his high school career by playing with and against the best Grade 12 graduating players in the province in next month’s Senior Bowl.

By Justin Seward

LCI Rams football player Greyson Rieder signed his Letter of Intent  to solidify his spot on the University of Calgary Dinos football roster next season.

“They just have like a really good Kinesiology program, which is what my future plans were to want to get into,  and this is a good stepping stone too,” said Rieder.

He will start in Political Science next year and work into Kinesiology.

Rieder thought that the Dinos liked his footwork, technique, his strength and how he would be a good asset to the team.

He will be a red shirt on the practice squad next season.

“So I won’t play much on field,” he said.

“It’ll be more practice work to just better myself to be able to play at that level, because there’s a bit of strength difference between athletes from high school to university, just because there’s a bigger age gap.”

Rieder played just the one season with LCI after moving here from Chestermere.

“I think the coaching staff,” said Rieder, on preparing him for the next level.

“Like they’re really great people. I think they gave really good tips on technique, and how to better yourself and as well leaderships skills, and I think it just ultimately made me a better athlete.”

The Dinos watched a lot of film on Rieder and had known about him for a little while.

“So he’s got good size and mobility for a guy his size and so that definitely attracts you,” said Dinos head coach Wayne Harris.

“And now it’s just a matter of continued development and owning his craft as an offensive lineman to get  on the field now and be an effective players for us.”

Rams head coach Pat Leahy said first and foremost he has size you just can’t teach.

“He’s a very large individual and he actually moves very well for his size,” said Leahy.

“He thinks the football game very well, like he plays offensive line, but he’s a very intelligent kid. And understands blocking schemes, he understands angles, he understands points of pursuit (and) pad level. He just kind of gets football. He’s a kid who is going to do really well when he kind of gets into a university strength and conditioning program and kind of transforms what he has now into more of a muscle kind of athletic frame.”

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