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Meneghin ready to take the reins

By Lethbridge Herald on October 6, 2023.

Herald Photo by Justin Sewaed Herald FILE photo Lethbridge Hurricanes goalie Harrison Meneghin makes a save during the Nov.18, 2022 game against the Red Deer Rebels. Meneghin is ready to take the reins in the crease this season.

By Justin Seward

Lethbridge Herald

Lethbridge Hurricanes goaltender Harrison Meneghin is ready to take the reins of the net this season.

“I think I’m ready,” said Meneghin.

“I kind of had a taste of it last year when Tommy (Bryan Thomson) was hurt. So, yeah, I think I’m mentally ready and physically ready to kind of take the reins here in Lethbridge.”

The South Surrey, B.C. product is ready for a heavier work load in the crease after an injury limited him to 36 games and the return of Bryan Thomson to the net after an injury last season.

“Well I think it was just kind of preparing my body,” he said.

“Just kind of strengthening my lower body, so like my body would be ready to have more games this season, and also just getting stronger and yeah just really just  preparing my body.”

Meneghin learned some things off Thomson to prepare himself for the starting role.

“I think just how he prepared his body and how he was always just mentally  eady for every game,” said Meneghin.

“ But I think the biggest takeaway was probably just how he came to the rink every morning and just went about his routines.”

Meneghin believes the key to load management in the Western Hockey League is  about routines.

“And yeah just making sure you do all the things that you do to get yourself ready for games and for practices as well,” said Meneghin.

The only time that Meneghin will talk to the players is when there is a  specific puck placement.

“I don’t really try to be too talkative on the ice,” he said.

“I just kind of  like to go about my own things.”

Canes assistant coach Ryan Aasman thinks the biggest thing for Meneghin is getting used to the work load.

“Last year, coming in with no expectations and being in his first year, and then having to take the workload, he realized fast how hard it was to play every single day and play a lot of games,” said Aasman.

“This year, he had a whole summer to prepare for it, knowing that he was going to be the guy and now taking care of his body (and) making sure like every day he’s taking a little bit more of a step so  that he’s ready to go. I think that’s the biggest thing for him because with Harry, his demeanor never changes. Like, he can make a huge save, he could let in a soft goal,   (But)he’s not going to waiver from who he is and how he conducts himself in that type of demeanor.”

Maturity is the biggest thing Aasman has noticed with Meneghin.

“He’s a full year older,” he said.

“The way his personality is, he just looks like a little bit more of a grown up to me. But he’s  still Harry and he still goes about his business the way he always has.”

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