July 14th, 2024

Raymond Comets using travel schedule to prepare for provincial run

By Lethbridge Herald on February 1, 2024.

Herald Photo by Justin Seward Herald photo File Photo Raymond Comets Delaney Gibb is pictured here competing in last yearÕs 4A zone championship.

By Justin Seward

Lethbridge Herald

The highly touted Raymond Comets senior high school girls basketball have been using each game this season to prepare for a run at a third consecutive provincial banner next month.

“There’s lots of discussion on is this team as good or better than previous years,” said Alan Gibb, Comets head coach.

“That’s always nice because(the)previous two teams have been very successful and done well. So when people are wondering if this team’s as good or better than (a) previous team, you know you’re in pretty good shape.”

The team has done a little more travelling this season for out-of-league mini-series in B.C., Utah and twice now to Edmonton tournaments.

“We’ve been on the road a little bit more this year,” said Gibb.

“But just trying to find good competition and challenge these kids and get them ready for their playoff run here in March.”

The Comets ended up going 3-0 in Utah and winning two out of three in Vancouver.

“But had really good fun games there in B.C. and in Utah, you know, six games that could definitely go either way with all those teams,” said Gibb.

“So it was nice preparation for the future for playoffs and for provincials for us.”

What undoubtedly has helped in the success of the Comets success this season so far is the play of all-star and senior Delaney Gibb.

“She’s just built a little bit of experience and added to her understanding with the game,” said Alan, who is her coach and father.

“She’s able to bring some leadership to this team. She’s also the kind of kid that likes the challenge and likes the opportunity to have difficult games and stuff. So she enjoys it and I think  that’s when she plays her best and she’s definitely a big part of this team.”

Gibb is always looking at positions to put the players in for growth and get better.

“They (the team) get everybody’s best shot,” said Gibb.

“I mean every team we play is trying to figure out the best way to defend us (and) the best way to challenge us. So we usually get that as well. So nobody’s sleeping on us and so they know that. So we challenge them to rise to the occasion of every team we play, whether they’re equal or better than us.”

The Comets are 7-0 and sit first place in Southern Alberta Girls Basketball League.

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