July 14th, 2024

McTavish brothers relish being on the Bulls together

By Lethbridge Herald on June 14, 2024.

Herald Photo by Justin Seward Brothers Brennan and Shaye McTavish think it is cool to share the field as teammates with the Lethbridge Bulls this season.

By Justin Seward

Lethbridge Herald

Baseball has been entrenched in the DNA of the local McTavish brothers of Brennan and Shaye through their father Les for years and now they get to share the same field as a teammates of with the Lethbridge Bulls.

Shaye is the eldest of the two brothers and is in third season with the Bulls while Brennan is in his first full year on the team after being an affiliate last season.

“I think just supporting each other throughout it,” said Shaye.

“He’s injured and I have a little injury right now, so just kind of supporting each other throughout it and it’s cool to play with him.”

Shaye hadn’t played with his brother since Little League.

Shaye thinks it will be important for Brennan to enjoy his time in the league.

“I think it’s kind of just enjoying it, especially while he’s injured, (and) kind of understanding how everything works,” said Shaye.

Shaye was asked about when they do get back on the field how both and him and Brennan can push each other.

“I think we can push ourselves in many ways,” said Shaye.

“I mean we’ve always been competitive… and we’ve always pushed each other to be better  on the ball field, trying  be better than one (another). I think when we come back here, it’s just  (a)matter of fact of putting in the work and making sure that we can do the best we can do for the team and everything else.”

Brennan thinks it’s cool to play on the same team again.

“We get to play again this year and hopefully the next two years, which it means a lot,” said Brennan.

“(It is) cool to share the field with your brother.”

Brennan has learned about failure from his bigger brother.

“Like not getting down on yourself, and just keep going and believing in your abilities,” said Brennan.

He talked about being a local Bull player.

“It means a lot just to represent the Bulls and having my family and friends all come watch,” he said.

Brennan plays at Texas Midland College  and Shaye is at University of Pikeville.

“You just want to watch your kids,” said Les.

“Brennan goes to school in Texas, Shaye goes to school in Kentucky. I never got to see (them) play a single game all year because of our Vauxhall schedule. So you just get excited to go to the ball park and watch (them) play and hopefully they someday have as good (of) memories as I do.”

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