July 19th, 2024

Coaldale sisters share first on-court championship playing together

By Lethbridge Herald on July 4, 2024.

Herald photo by Justin Seward Kaci and Raegan Abrey won the 19 plus 3x3 co-ed basketball championship together at the Southern Alberta Summer Games on Thursday in Coaldale.

By Justin Seward

Lethbridge Herald

For the first time ever, the Coaldale sisters of Raegan and Kaci Abrey shared a championship on the same court as players .

The sisters were a part of a Team Hanna all-girls team that won the  19 plus Co-ed 3×3  basketball tournament after defeating Team Tanner during the Southern Alberta Summer Games in  Coaldale on Thursday.

“I got to play with my little sister which doesn’t get to  happen very often,” said Raegan.

“We had lots of fun (and I ) got to play against my dad earlier today and it was a good time.”

Raegan agreed it makes the bond stronger having her sister on the court.

“We know how to read each other and play off of each other,” said Raegan.

There a couple of things the sisters use to their advantage in helping with chemistry.

“Lots of playing,  being hard on each other (and) keeping each other accountable,” said Raegan.

Kacie spoke of the importance of them finding each other on court.

“It’s just an amazing feeling that we can just throw hand signals to each other and we can run something off of that hand signal,” said Kacie.

 Raegan said family is very important.

“It’s great that I can pull relatives into the game and we can get into this together,” said Raegan.

“My nephew’s out here playing on another team and it’s great to see my family out here participating  (in the) game that I love.”

Kaci loves Coaldale.

“I’ll always  represent Coaldale,” said Kaci.

“My one nephew plays basketball, the other one’s  playing soccer in Summer Games. So it’s always great to see  everyone out supporting, especially in Coaldale.”

The sisters have won events coaching together in the past.

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