July 23rd, 2024

Meneghin soaking in being drafted by Lightning

By Lethbridge Herald on July 5, 2024.

Herald FILE photo Medicine Hat Tigers Tomas Mrsic battles for position with Lethbridge Hurricanes Logan McCutcheon in front of Canes goaltender Harrison Meneghin during WHL action last season.

By Justin Seward

Lethbridge Herald

Lethbridge Hurricanes goalie Harrison Meneghin is having a memorable offseason so far.

Meneghin was selected in the seventh round of the NHL draft by the Tampa Bay Lightning at 206th overall and turned around and went to development camp  this week.

Meneghin was at home watching the draf and as  the rounds went on, he saw teammates and buddies get drafted before his name was called.

“You hope that your hard work one day will pay off and you can hear your name drafted one day and that happened,” said Meneghin.

Meneghin’s thought this week’s development camp was going good.

“You learn lots from an experience like this obviously,” said Meneghin.

“You kind of pick up things that you need to work on and yeah I mean it’s been a lot of fun so far.”

Meneghin talked about him being drafted as a 19 year old and if that changes his mindset competing against younger players.

“I mean usually that would be the case but I think for goalies it’s a lot different,” said Meneghin.

“Goalies tend to develop a little bit slower. I’m the youngest goalie here but at the same time, you’re also thinking in the back of your head that (you) turn 20 next year and you want to kind of  fast forward through some of the steps. But I think for me it’s kind of just not trying to rush things and just develop at the pace that would be best for me.”

Meneghin said you take everything from here and you try and bring it back to juniors.

“You can bring a lot more to your teammates and to your team in terms of winning,” he said.

“Just kind of having that same preparation that you see the guys have here and try and replicate that back in Lethbridge.”

He contributes going to ice times growing up, high school hockey and coaches helping him get to this point.

“And just kind of learning off of certain experiences such as last year’s (development and rookie) camp in Minnesota,” said Meneghin.

 “(And) kind of just taking what I learned from that and bringing it with me throughout the season last year and … continue  using the experiences that I gained,” said Meneghin.

Meneghin was invited to Minnesota’s camps last year and after that became a free agent and went back in draft.

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