July 5th, 2015

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Tijana MartinLethbridge Heraldtmartin@lethbridgeherald.comYou don’t always need a little rain and sunshine to see a rainbow, sometimes all you need is just a little love. Approximately 300 folks from all backgrounds gathered in our city to support members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer community Saturday

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  • The candy is dandy at Coaldale parade

    Kids get their fill in town tradition at Settler Days Tijana Martin Lethbridge Herald tmartin@lethbridgeherald.com The kids had one thing on their minds Saturday and it was candy – lots of candy. Families lined up along the sidewalks for a spot to watch the candy parade as... Read More »

    11 hours ago
  • The beat goes on for Paul Walker

    City musician plays key roles in New West productions Dave Mabell LETHBRIDGE HERALD dmabell@lethbridgeherald.com The festival has ended, but the music plays on. Multi-talented performer Paul Walker is on stage once again, anchoring the musical highlights at New West Theatre. What’s more, he’s also created the arrangements for... Read More »

    11 hours ago
  • Wildfire smoke prompts air quality advisory for the province

    LETHBRIDGE HERALD – CALGARY Due to smoky conditions caused by wildfires in northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories, Alberta Health Services (AHS) is issuing a precautionary air quality advisory for the province. Air quality conditions are forecast to worsen over the weekend. The advisory is in addition to... Read More »

    11 hours ago

Local Sports

  • Alberta junior boys golf championship — Harrison wins boys title

    LETHBRIDGE HERALDAndrew Harrison continued to attack Henderson Lake Golf Club, and it proved to be an effective strategy as he won the Alberta Junior boys golf championship on Thursday. Harrison, 18, led from the start, putting up a final-round 68 and winning by 13 strokes. Harrison was the only compeitior to finish all four rounds at ... Read More »

    2 days ago
  • It’s hard to judge a coach on performance alone

    In 2011, the Canadian Women’s Senior National Soccer team suffered a demoralizing and embarrassing last-place finish at the FIFA World Cup. This was only eight years removed from Canada’s best performance on the World Cup stage, having finished fourth at the 2003 event. The team was... Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Fireworks start early — Bulls end rally in dramatic fashion to sweep doubleheader

    Nick KuhlLethbridge Heraldnkuhl@lethbridgeherald.comTrace Hansen had the intention, as well as the right moment, to steal third base.The game was tied 5-5 in the bottom of the ninth. It was game one of a Canada Day doubleheader at home against Swift Current.“I got a... Read More »

    3 days ago

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By Mike Williams: Medicine Hat News Comment I am not sure why these critics continue to flog a dead horse that simply seems to spew information written by his aides... Read More »

By johnny57: Medicine Hat News Comment "We decided to change to a government that would give us honesty, openness and democracy"...Well the jury is still out a... Read More »

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  • Bluffer’s guide to the Greek crisis

    Political parties rarely commit suicide. The current crisis in Greece, which has led to today’s referendum on the terms of a deal with the European Union, is mainly about the survival of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s Syriza Party. But it is also about the electoral future of Germany’s governing party, the Christian Democratic Union. Almost ... Read More »

    11 hours ago
  • ‘Golden Years’ worries

    As the latest crop of high school grads embarks on life’s next chapter, most likely brimming with enthusiasm for what lies before them, many older Canadians are approaching a new chapter in their lives with much less optimism. According to a new survey from the Angus Reid Institute, most retirees did not retire when they ... Read More »

    1 day ago
  • Fables of the Forest Service

    Logging isn’t the solution to forest fires it’s touted as being Lorne Fitch PROFESSIONAL BIOLOGIST Landowners bordering the Forest Reserve must feel special these days, especially where logging is proposed. Senior Alberta Forestry staff have visited them, sometimes repeatedly, to warn them of the dangers of unlogged forests. The message is, these landowners face grave ... Read More »

    1 day ago

Letters to The Editor

  • Quality matters

    I was fascinated by Steven Reive’s article about the impact an American statistics professor had on the auto industries. (Lethbridge Herald, June 12, page C4). W. Edward Deming of New York University built “a paradigm during the 1930s and a set of 14 principles” on management and quality control. American automakers did not understand him ... Read More »

    11 hours ago
  • Time to close Alberta’s high-priced embassies

    Has anyone heard of an Ontario foreign embassy, or a Saskatchewan foreign embassy, or any other provincial embassy? Then why are these many Alberta foreign embassies, costing many millions of your dollars, allowed to function, and what is the justification and purpose of their being? My belief is that they are merely retirement havens and ... Read More »

    11 hours ago
  • We can all help make things better

    In The Herald of June 22, the Pope made these remarks during a visit to Turin, Italy: World powers did nothing as Jews, gays were taken to death camps during the Second World War. He also mentioned the death camps in Russia and the slaughter in Armenia. He told the young people: Everything is done ... Read More »

    3 days ago