April 26th, 2015

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Leonard Nimoy made a big impact on townTijana MartinLethbridge Heraldtmartin@lethbridgeherald.comLeonard Nimoy’s legacy will forever “live long and prosper.” On Saturday, more than 100 people gathered at the Cultural Recreation Centre in Vulcan to pay tribute to the late Nimoy.To some, Vulcan may just be another

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Do you think the Senate scandal will result in more accountability regarding senators’ expenses?

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Local News

  • Telus to invest millions in area

    Company increasing data and Internet speeds among other improvements LETHBRIDGE HERALD Telus will invest $10 million in new communications infrastructure in Lethbridge and area this year. In a press release, the company said the investments are to enhance wireless capacity to meet growing demand, upgrade all wireless sites... Read More »

    12 hours ago
  • Tai chi gets global attention

     City practitioners are big fansTijana MartinLethbridge Heraldtmartin@lethbridgeherald.comDuring the last Saturday of every April, thousands of people from all over the world gather at 10 a.m. local time to practice tai chi.Yesterday was World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, and approximately 20 people met at the Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization (LSCO)... Read More »

    12 hours ago
  • Vulcan pays tribute to Mr. Spock

    Leonard Nimoy made a big impact on town Tijana Martin Lethbridge Herald tmartin@lethbridgeherald.com Leonard Nimoy’s legacy will forever “live long and prosper.” On Saturday, more than 100 people gathered at the Cultural Recreation Centre in Vulcan to pay tribute to the late Nimoy. To some, Vulcan may just... Read More »

    12 hours ago

Local Sports

  • LCI wrestlers lock up medals at ASAA provincial championships

    Nick Kuhl Lethbridge Herald nkuhl@lethbridgeherald.com Don’t mess with Austin Logue or Millie Stafford. They are two members of the LCI wrestling team who returned home with hardware from the Alberta Schools Athletic Association provincial championships in High River last month. Logue, who is in Grade 10, won the... Read More »

    4 days ago
  • City will see big benfits from Skate Canada International

    Nick Kuhl Lethbridge Herald nkuhl@lethbridgeherald.com There will be an estimated economic impact of $5.5 million when between 15,000 and 20,000 spectators hit the city later this year to see 60 of the world’s top figure skaters. The 2015 Skate Canada International (SCI) won’t run until Oct. 30 to... Read More »

    5 days ago
  • City boxers strike gold at provincials

    Nick Kuhl Lethbridge Herald nkuhl@lethbridgeherald.com Results aren’t everything. But being rewarded for their hard work sure felt good for several members of the Lethbridge Boxing Club. The club recently sent seven competitors to the 2015 provincial championships in Stony Plain, with three of them claiming top spots... Read More »

    5 days ago

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By backformore: Medicine Hat News Comment Right. So I am suggesting only that instead of dismissing people with a label about which, by your own admission, you do... Read More »

By johnny57: Medicine Hat News Comment Agreed!..I do agree that organized religion has a lot of controlling and repressive components to it...having said that ... Read More »

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  • ‘Decisive Storm’ blows over

    Once upon a time big military operations were given obscure names so the enemy wouldn’t guess what the plan was. The German plan for the invasion of France in 1940 was called “Fall Gelb” (Case Yellow); the American counter-attack in the Korean War that recovered Seoul was “Operation Chromite.” But then the PR guys got ... Read More »

    12 hours ago
  • Measuring our happiness

    “Happiness is a warm puppy,” cartoonist Charles Schulz suggested many years ago. Perhaps happiness isn’t quite so easily defined, at least according to people who study and attempt to measure such things. The academics who crafted the latest World Happiness Report, which was released Thursday, opted instead to use factors such as income, healthy years ... Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Time for Alberta electoral reform?

    Changing system might be good for democracy in the province Electoral reform. It’s a topic that hasn’t reared its head during this election period, despite the unrest and dissatisfaction among Alberta voters. But if Albertans want lasting change, then adjusting and even scrapping the current first-past-the-post system should be an issue on the radar. Despite ... Read More »

    3 days ago

Letters to The Editor

  • How many times can someone be ‘reborn’?

    In the piece “New beginnings in the Bible” of Saturday, April 18 (Faith page), I find a few serious inaccuracies, and confusing terminology. Mr. Van Zyl uses the term “reborn” several times, but how many times can you be “reborn”? To be “reborn” ( born again) means to be born of God, as Christ taught ... Read More »

    12 hours ago
  • Cutthroat logging hits the Prentice campaign trail

    Threatened native trout and controversial logging have entered the provincial election. The day before Jim Prentice’s campaign tour stopped on the forested flanks of the Livingstone Range to hear pleas for formal protection of its world-class beauty and value as a critical wildlife corridor, the Gov. of Alberta deployed a detachment of clear-cut crusaders to ... Read More »

    12 hours ago
  • Court right to separate prayer from gov’t

    Many politicians across Canada are unhappy with the Supreme Court ruling that the Saguenay, Que. city council must end the reading of prayers before their meetings. The court made the correct decision. If elected officials lack the confidence to do their jobs without pleading to, placating, or flattering one god or another, how are they ... Read More »

    2 days ago