April 16th, 2014

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Caroline Zentnerlethbridge heraldczentner@lethbridgeherald.comWhen John Prentice donated $8 million to the University of Lethbridge in 2006 he probably couldn’t have imagined The Prentice Institute would grow into the internationally recognized centre it is today.The Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy celebrated five full years of operation

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Do you think the Alberta government should get rid of its fleet of airplanes?

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  • City brokerage not necessary, council told

    Dave Mabell LETHBRIDGE HERALD dmabell@lethbridgeherald.com An Ontario consultants’ report, rejecting a suggestion the city create its own in-house brokerage, has been filed by city council. But council members are reluctant to accept its findings, all but ensuring further debate in months ahead. “This isn’t the end of it,... Read More »

    3 hours ago
  • Casson to attend Flaherty funeral

    LETHBRIDGE HERALD Jim Flaherty will be remembered today, and one of his former colleagues from Lethbridge will be there. Former Lethbridge Member of Parliament, Rick Casson, will be among the national and international leaders invited to attend the state funeral for Canada’s former finance minister, this afternoon at... Read More »

    3 hours ago
  • Board can make a difference

    Last month, I had an opportunity to attend the 19th National Congress on Rural Education, in Saskatoon, Sask. Board chair Colleen Deitz, vice-chair Don Zech and I were invited to make a presentation on “The Difference One Board Can Make.” Colleen and Don were both on the board... Read More »

    3 hours ago

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  • Baseball abounds on multiple paths

    If you aspire to be taken out to the ball game there are surely a variety of hardball high school options in this oft-windy region. – - Last week I briefly described a schism on the Southern Alberta High School Baseball Association front. I have some more information... Read More »

    3 hours ago
  • Murray swims his way into Hall of Fame

     LETHBRIDGEHERALDChad Murray loved the water from an early age, and it eventually took him to places around the world.On May 3, that passion will see him inducted into the Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame after a championship swimming career.Lethbridge born and raised, Murray began swimming competitively at the age of... Read More »

    1 day ago
  • Lowe levelling up

    Dale Woodard Lethbridge Herald sports@lethbridgehearald.com Like “The Jeffersons” of the gym, Jackson Lowe is moving on up. And when the 11-year-old member of the West Wind Gymnastics Club hit the mat for the Artistic Gymnastics Provincial Championships Saturday at the 1st Choice Savings Centre at the University of... Read More »

    3 days ago

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By phlushie: Medicine Hat News Comment YOU WORRY ME! By Captain John Maniscalco, American Airlines Pilot I've been trying to say this since 911, but ... Read More »

By MalahatDavid: Medicine Hat News Comment An excellent example, Peter. I'm sure there are many others every day. My earlier post omitted some useful points. ... Read More »

By Kal Itea: Medicine Hat News Comment I work for rational thought, rational thinker. Note the clarification, Al Goodman had a rational thought, or the Lethbri... Read More »

By Rural Alberta: Medicine Hat News Comment "As far as your determination that this causes cancer, there is no proof," The science is in Rational, carcinogens caus... Read More »

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  • Consumers at market’s mercy

    Lack of cellphone competition means Canadians pay high prices The wireless industry has been a hot topic in Canada. It would have been difficult for the average Canadian to have not been drawn into the debate in some form, as the Government of Canada and the industry have traded barbs. Government advertising has focused on ... Read More »

    3 hours ago
  • Ongoing battle against stigma of mental illness

    Austin Mardon My wife often tells me that we are only as sick as our secrets. If you have nothing to hide, even from yourself, life can be much easier. People are often shocked at my willingness to be so public about my illness. On the one hand, it is nice not having to hide, ... Read More »

    1 day ago
  • Repairing Alberta’s safety net

    For close to 50 years, Family and Community Support Services has provided an important social safety net for Alberta’s most vulnerable citizens. But the safety net is becoming frayed as a result of funding pressures that are only going to increase if the provincial government doesn’t take action. That’s why Lethbridge Councillor Jeff Carlson is ... Read More »

    1 day ago

Letters to The Editor

  • Criticism of Putin’s actions shows double standard

    The western nations should tone down their high-handed rhetoric over Putin’s actions and rewind their memory to 2002. The United States invaded Iraq based on lies, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocent civilians, devastated the nation and led to a bloody civil war. There was not a whimper of protest by the western ... Read More »

    3 hours ago
  • Better notification needed for town’s boil-water advisory

    A while back the mayor of Lethbridge, city council and administration was chastised by the citizens for supposedly jumping the gun on a boil-water advisory. Recently we in Fort Macleod came under a boil-water order without being properly notified. Which of the two would you prefer? On April 7 at 9:45 p.m., we residents at ... Read More »

    3 hours ago
  • Clarification

    A letter to the editor in Sunday’s Herald, headlined “Hydraulic fracturing is proven, safe technology,” did not include the writer’s title. AJ Goodman is the executive director of Shale Resource Centre Canada... Read More »

    1 day ago