January 17th, 2021

Canada needs to stand up to the U.S.

By Lethbridge Herald on April 25, 2017.

Canadians need to support our prime minister and cabinet, to let them know we are not afraid of the monster from the south.
Yes, we are witnessing the usual American “blame it on anyone else” attitude from Trump. Canada is not the problem in trade with the U.S. They have always had the point of view that they come first, and they are notorious for abrogating deals. Canada has had to take American corporations before WTO courts several times, and won. It didn’t help.
If Americans want to renegotiate the NAFTA deal, let them go about it the way the deal says: give six months’ notice of cancellation. Canada could negate the oil deal that sends two-thirds of our oil to them. We could demand our oil be refined in Canada instead of in Texas. We, too, can negotiate from the point of view of “what is best for Canada.”
The greedy U.S. forest companies destroyed their forests, now they demand ours. Canadian forests have been raped for years by forest technology that uses less and less jobs for Canadians. All logs should be processed here by Canadians. No more should Canadian timber be shipped out of the country to be processed. Our finance and tax rules need renegotiating in light of foreign investment and takeovers.
These are a few considerations for Trump before he tells tales to his constituents. Canadian politicians have played the quiet game too long. Give Trump back some of his own crooked propaganda. Let business people in the States know we will not be pushed around. If he insists on closing his borders, we could send back the hundreds of thousands of Americans and corporations in Canada paying taxes to the U.S. Tell your politician to get up off his knees to American bluster. We are not afraid.
Don Ryane

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