January 17th, 2021

Time to take arts centre plans to the next stage

By Lethbridge Herald on April 25, 2017.

Two years ago, the Performing Arts Centre Advocacy Group began meeting to explore options to keep the vision of a new performing arts centre project a priority for our community. Our main purpose has been to bring awareness to the broader community about why a Lethbridge Performing Arts Centre is needed and to take planning to the “next stage.”
With all venues booked to capacity for years to come, the reality is that there is no room in our community for growth in the performing arts. On Monday, April 3, the Performing Centre Advocacy Group presented to the city’s Finance Committee and requested the inclusion of a Performing Arts Centre in the next Capital Improvement Plan. We want to thank both council for that opportunity, and the community, for their tremendous encouragement and support as result of that presentation.
As demonstrated during the presentation, 17 years of needs assessments and studies for a Performing Arts Centre have already been conducted by the city. Should council approve our $375,000 request to review and affirm past studies and conceptual designs; choose a site; and finalize an operating model, the reality is that almost $1,000,000 will have been invested in this project to date. This investment indicates the value past and present city councils have placed in the arts in Lethbridge. Therefore, we believe the time has come for city council to accelerate this project and advance the Performing Arts Centre to the top of their priorities in the 2018–2027 CIP. Please add your voice to ours.
Our city is already home to amazing talent. What a wonderful tribute it would be to future artists if they were to have an opportunity to share their talent/perform in a new Performing Arts Centre. Moving forward with vision, courage and wise stewardship, the building of a new Performing Arts Centre would provide this council with a legacy that will be appreciated by Lethbridge and region performers and audiences for decades to come.
Dianne King
on behalf of the Performing Arts Centre Advocacy Group

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John P Nightingale

I fully support the initiative . Hopefully , council will likewise. (Waiting for the caterwauling to begin…)


it seems all City taxpayers are required to empty their pockets forcefuly by the arts group again we were to give the land on 2nd ave S then donate $500,000. for many consultants reports one which stated this group would contribute $3miilion to their building. so we see no money ,we do not know the price of the expected land some say next to the freeload temple $10.00 year payment deal also take out a portion of 7street and intrude into Galt Gardens. The $4million IGA land donated to Casa.It seems our Council grabbed $15m of our tax dollars for this project so where is the arts matching $15m funding from their society elite. We say no to the $375,000. the Pac group have had over 10years to raise funds they show nothing,nothing. Tax payers tell your council NO.

George McCrea

I fully support councils initiative to build a firehall on the west side along with a third river crossing.
Along with the necessary road infrastructure routing to allow proper evacuation in the event of an emergency evacuation. This is far more important than a 75 million performing arts centre which will provide
For a small minority. Time to be responsible council, no to the Arts centre until the becessary and
Required infrastructure is in place. People’s lives before pleasure. That is what you were elected to do.


The list of citizens demands will always exceed the city’s ability to provide, as a visit to city hall will currently illustrate. The city is currently asking for input to determine priorities on it’s longer term plans for development.
If we, as citizens wish to influence the future of our city then we should ensure that we take this seriously and provide our individual priorities and preferences. In doing so ,we prevent special interest groups from applying undue influence over the way the city deploys it’s limited resources, both now and in future. Like any well functioning democracy , the majority should decide where our resources are best deployed. Basic infrastructure should certainly be considered a higher priority over most other demands.


JP. the so called caterwalling is from concerned citizens- taxpayers who do not like forced humungus debt and interest payments which this this council has dumped on us during their term of office and into 2018 plus. I do not like debt and payments let me give you a example the new $170m leisure centre $65million in borrowing from Gov’t finance, operating budget $1.4m , PAYG $1.75m ,Reserve Mcpr $18.5m. Beginning in 2017 debt charges $814,000 operating costs$350,000 both charged to operating budget and property tax bill When full build out 2019 debt charges$5.5m operating costs #3.3m charged to property tax bill. So called revenue’s will not cover operating costs or Carbon levy.
So the performing arts centre $65-$75m upfront by Council of $10m plus land maybe Gov’t’s match funding $10m Fed $10m Prov so $35 to $45m looks like taxpayers will be forced to pickup with debt payments and interest also operating costs. The Question what will Arts group contribute? like many other Citys Calgary, Edmonton, all received private funding in some manner look to Calgary, the Max Bell foundation, Martha Cohen, not this City taxpayers pay.