January 19th, 2021

Fiscal record of conservatives not very good

By Lethbridge Herald on July 4, 2018.

I find George Rigoux’s June 20 letter amusing. He judges the NDP are not prudent fiscal managers; this coming from a conservative candidate, a party that blew the potential trillion-dollar Heritage Trust Fund, sending out $400 cheques to all Albertans.
There are many ways to compare conservative fiscal policy to other parties; in their misunderstanding of the use of credit, in their attempt to twist ideas distinguishing business and government, and their inability to relate to socially significant values. Norway came to Alberta looking into trust funds at a time when we both were looking at oil and gas expansion; with a similar population and a similar potential resource. Since then, their trust fund has grown to $1 trillion reserve, while paying all health, pharmaceutical, education, pensions and infrastructure costs.
Ours — not so well; under the Conservative fiscal managers, we have huge infrastructure debt, virtually no reserve and our resources are practically owned by foreign corporations. Mr. Rigoux criticizes funding renewable initiatives because it “hobbles future governments” (future UPC fantasy takeover?). Like insisting we continue to buy rotten fruit from corrupt, inefficient producers because they are established; with convenient exchange of executives between regulators, corporations and government. The UPC suggests we continue to export our energy and resources to the U.S. under the delusion that buying back finished products generates “export revenue.”
The oil industry enjoys good relations with the NDP, and supports the carbon tax.
Rigoux repeatedly mentions bully “fabricating tales,” “blaming others for their failings,” and “trying to pick fights.” Yet I have yet to see any creative suggestions from the new leader of the UPC; who better demonstrates this behaviour. I picture the UPC as free riders trying to climb back on a fast freight after they have been turfed off, and complaining about railroad police.
Don Ryane

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