January 22nd, 2021

Keeping secrets from parents tramples on law

By Lethbridge Herald on July 5, 2018.

On the radio last month I heard a LGBTory-ite speaking about Bill 24 in connection with the founding United Conservative Party AGM. He said Bill 24 is actually redundant. There is already a bill that says when explicitly religious or sexual material is presented at school, the parents need to be notified.
It’s great he accepted that as correct. He further went on to explain that GSA groups are not explicitly sexual, but just a peer support group for those struggling with their sexual identity. This would especially be helpful when they cannot speak to their parents about it, for example. So the GSA groups would be support groups, also helping the students in the group to move forward. He mentioned this “helping them move forward” several times. There’s the catch, of course! Can you imagine helping GSA members move forward would not include sexually explicit material? And then once they are in the GSA, they have a licence to do anything?
We have heard of schools where the GSA was given one and a half hours to talk to Grade Sixers about their sexual ideas. (They can do this to kindergarteners as well) They started their speech with telling the kids not to tell their parents! And they went on to tell kids about all the different sexual ideas! And don’t tell your parents! This is to protect you from your parents! Is that not trampling on the law mentioned earlier? Is that not trampling on and stamping down carefree childhood? Is that not trampling on parental authority?
Since when do our children need to be protected against their parents, as a rule? Since when do parents come second to any other group? Since when do we teach our youngsters to keep secrets from their parents? And teachers and principals are bound by the law to keep silent!
Requiring school principals and teachers, by law, to withhold information from all parents without exception is contrary to the Constitution, contrary to Canada’s legal obligations under international law, contrary to the Alberta Bill of Rights, and contrary to other Alberta legislation such as the Family Law Act.
Bill 24 evidences the government’s intention to control parents and religious schools and infringe their constitutional rights. (JCCF website)
Pushing for GSA clubs to indoctrinate our young ones. In secrecy! And that’s unacceptable at all times!
This affects all public and private schools in our province.
Corine VandeStroet
Diamond City

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