January 20th, 2021

Nobody is a write-off even in seemingly hopeless situations

By Lethbridge Herald on July 5, 2018.

Re: “Huge cost to ending needle program” (June 14 Lethbridge Herald)
The head of ARCHES paints a bleak picture. The tone of the article certainly bears that out. ARCHES says that unless we continue to support the drug-use habits in a safe environment “we’d start stepping over dead bodies in the streets.” Regardless, they say people are going to choose to use drugs. They seem to be saying that these people are write-offs.
ARCHES says that abstinence treatments are not working; instead they treat it as a medical crisis, yet they say the addicts make a choice, and that is correct. People with cancer, MS or Parkinson’s do not have that choice.
I am sure that you know of the organization Teen Challenge, an awesome Christian-based organization, and others, that work on rehabilitation of addicts from a Christian perspective, and they don’t consider anyone a write-off.
Our fathers of confederation already considered the Christian aspect of life very important. They did not force anyone to believe the Christian faith, but yet they made a statement in the preamble of Canada’s constitution that “Canada is founded on principles that recognize God and the rule of law.”
And those principles mean that we need to care for one another, and discipline each other; nobody is a write-off, even if a situation seems hopeless. But ARCHES, please don’t take hope away by allowing the addicts to continue their deadly habit.
Hans Visser

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