January 22nd, 2021

We must overcome crisis of differing opinions

By Lethbridge Herald on July 29, 2018.

I am wondering how impartial The Herald can actually be in reporting on the opioid crisis? At the bottom of the front page of the Special Report section, the writers attempt to introduce the series of articles as being an objective presentation, without bias, of the crisis. I appreciate that they thought that, but their bias was still evident.
In a paragraph, almost at the end of the article we read, “From 2011 to 2016, the number of fentanyl-related deaths in Alberta increased by 6,000 per cent.” That statement does not provide impartial information. If they had shown how many deaths in 2011 and then how many more in 2016, they could then provide a statement like: “an increase of 6,000 per cent.” Impartial reporting does not try to hide or mislead in giving the information. It is merely reporting the facts as facts and not opinions. It is written to allow the reader the opportunity to form (or change) their own opinion. It is not meant to influence that decision to one specific side or the other.
I have an opinion, but I am trying to be open enough that if I feel that good information has been presented, and backed by credible sources I can be persuaded to change my mind. However, those sources must be factual, verifiable, and not emotionally driven (especially by “mass-mentality” thinking). Trusted sources (trusted by both sides) are not so easy to come by, because so many things can be found to contradict a “fact” from the opposite viewpoint.
We, as a populace, need to pull back from the emotion of the issue and try to find a common ground so we can move forward together. We all want the same end result, but there may actually be more than one way to get there. If there is, then the “other” way is not necessarily wrong, just different. I hope we can overcome this crisis of differing opinions soon, so that a reasonable and workable solution can be found.
Keith Nalder

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Dennis Bremner

It would be nice if that could be done, but I doubt it. Why?
1) Without any input from the public, Council and the NDP has designated Lethbridge as the safe haven for all Drug Addicts in Southern Alberta. Not a supposition nor a theory, if you are a user you will not be harassed by LAPD. Thats a get out of jail card for every Addict, from Coutts to Nanton and Pinscher Creek to Medicine Hat.
2) Just over 2 months ago we had 500 users, now we have 700. 200 people did not just arbritraily decide to become users. So where did they come from, refer to 1 above.
3) The NDP and Lethbridge Council decided (indirectly) to kill Real Estate prices in the Buchanan, London Road area as well as ensure Commercial Real Estate in those areas will plummet by picking the area to become the new “don’t go district of Lethbridge”
4) Because #1 above is a given, the Drug Dealers in the outlier communities then lose their “Clients”. So the next move is the outlier Drug Dealers move to where the demand is, Lethbridge!
5) Turf wars then begin as Dealers compete for market share.
6) Real Estate continues to plummet in close proximity to the drug area as crime continues to spread. Empty buildings are then broken into for lodgings this winter.
7) Entrepreneurs and Businesses move from the area creating more empty buildings.

Now, do you see any part of the sequence above that matters what ARCHES does or does not do? Or whether you are winning or losing the opioid war?

Mark my words, we will have 1000 users in Lethbridge by November. Has Council or the NDP indicated at all, they are prepared to accomodate 1000 users?


Dennis you’ve made me register to let you know I’m with you on this. I’ve been reading your comments which I feel are well put, thought out and accurate. I’m fed up with those who claim this is not happening.
A vehicle broken into in the London road area so a junkie could take shelter from the storm. Comments were pro criminal and that the car owner should “be happy you could provide someone shelter” I feel many of us are fed up and tired of being told it’s our fault as we pay an pay. I fear something is going to happen when these thieves are confronted.



Mr. Bremner we’ve been reading your comments for the past while. We’d like to thank you for your courage & brilliance.
You are a very special person speaking for a very very large number most of us to afraid of situations current and past to speak as plainly, truthfully and accurately as you do.
We particularly embraced the comment where you said in another forum you’d be just as vocal about your passion, regardless of the party in power. That comment took you right to the top of the charts with us.

You have no competition in our opinion, because those trying to tree you are political puppets with either an axe to grind , a position to protect or skin in the game one way or the other benefitting them now or in the future.

God bless you sir and while we’re at it – thanks for your past military service to your country!

Dennis Bremner

Thank you
My personal belief is no law abiding citizen, businessman/entrepeneur or real estate owner should lose his or her livelihood or home because of an ill informed decision that was/is made with no/little concern for those that suffer the consequences. .

People are making decisions, unchecked, to kill livelihoods of law abiding citizens, just to cater to illegal drug users who they insist need help ASAP. I have no issue with help being offered, but, you do not offer harm reduction to a group of illegal users, at the cost of exerting maximum harm to law abiding citizens of Lethbridge, “as if there existence does not matter”!!

What irritates me, is their is no offer of explanation “why” illegal users superseded the rights of law abiding residents in the first place! It suddenly just happened!

You mention you read my posts,(thanks again) read the Pro ARCHES arguments, have you seen one single expression of concern for the residents of the area? I haven’t, not one. The entire focus, is offer help, no matter the cost, and if you are not 100% on side then you are an uncaring un-Christian individual who believes its best to shoot them?


Tris Pargeter

Well, do let’s bring GOD into this discussion. That’s certainly relevant. Here’s your group Dennis.
You caring, Christian people are really something to behold. Given any human scenario full of nuance and complications, which is MOST of them, you all sail so blithely right over the top of huge chunks of what is salient! So fretful and fearful, so self-righteous, and so punitive.
Which part of people dying at an alarming rate did you not get? The whole harm-reduction idea came about some time ago and is obviously playing catch-up as usual, a common trait of governments, particularly conservative ones who have been in charge of the hallowed “taxpayer’s money” for any length of time. Unless it’s for business, forget it. Governing society is just like a business after all. It needs to be pointed out more often just how ridiculous that assumption is.
In Portland, Oregon they have done things differently for example, taking a long view and recognizing the realities of increasing addiction in modern society and its undeniable links with other issues like poverty. These underlying reasons speak to the nuance factor, something that conservatives don’t seem to be capable of grasping. Punishment has been tried. It doesn’t work. The growing consensus is that addiction is a public health issue. Conservatives are always the last people to accept any new ideas which is why they aren’t fit to govern by the way. Increasingly, they have risen to the level of their own incompetence. Trump anyone?
So, again, people have been dying in droves, making administrators feel desperate. The police seem to concur. Consultation has obviously taken place. Were any of you privy to that? Maybe they know something you don’t?
And on the topic of this letter, the Herald piece was well done and the letter writer’s quibble about the 6000 percent was just that. This “crisis of differing opinions” is in fact more of a crisis of differing worldviews, both claiming their version of reality. The main difference is that the religious one is an entirely manufactured one, so confronting it is like boxing with shadows. Interesting that current conservative philosophy has lined itself up with this imaginary component while claiming to be the realists at the table. Not much credibility on the evidence-based front when you are a proponent of the original fake news is it?


Oh my goodness Ms Pargeter, when were you in Portland Oregon last? If you’re using what’s happening to the neighbourhoods in Portland as an example of what Lethbridge should be doing God help us quick. Bless you just the same.

Tris Pargeter

“Bless me just the same?”
From your high, mythical plane of existence you have bestowed a blessing upon me, a mere woman? Who actually considers you to be hopelessly deluded and in dire need of de-programming?
Such honesty from you people. Such clarity. No wonder the truth has gone missing.
So many other glaring contradictions present themselves…..like wasn’t your exalted Christ a socialist?

Dennis Bremner

if you can give me any info to assist me in this endeavour or you think I am missing some info contact me at law.abiding.lethbridge@gmail.com


Mr. Bremner, we can’t think of much you don’t have a good community minded handle on, but wish to make one comment. Why is the criminal element almost totally excluded from this story? Criminal activities occuringright in front of the Mayor, the council, the Police, the MLA, the MP, everyone, and nobody takes this seriously, or even comments on it.
The front page article in todays Herald on the opioid crisis in B.C. is a perfect example. Everyone lead by the Premier is all in arms trying to figure out how to save lives, and not one word regarding organized crime feeding the addict & criminal component, which is destroying the provoince within.
Thanks for your contact info, I encourage others in our community to contact you too. God Bless!

Dennis Bremner

The entire premise of ARCHES existence is trust.
So, the first group to be compromised are the local Police because you cannot gain trust if the Police are arresting your clients as they approach the doors.
So justification for this approach was encapsulated with the Chief of Police comments “We cannot throw 500 people in jail”, to which my response was and still is, you cannot throw 1000 in jail either, so do you do something about the 500 or wait till its 1000? ….what about 1500?

Don’t get me wrong the LAPD is in as terrible position, but before this all started someone needed to question the logic of “immunity from punishment” and how that could spread like wild fire to surrounding communities.

The LAPD are still arresting the dealers, they are just ignoring the buyers as long as they are not in the transaction with the dealer at the time.

I commented to a friend jokingly last night and after the joke I actually had to pause to figure out what the answer was?

I said I had a better chance of being arrested on the Stafford street bridge for carrying a sign saying “You are now entering the Spearman-Phillips-Fitzpatrick Drug Usage zone”, then the 20 people standing beside me with crack or Meth in their pockets

They have immunity……I don’t

Dennis Bremner