January 16th, 2021

Making excuses for poor performance

By Lethbridge Herald on August 2, 2018.

I am still amazed how socialists continue to make excuses for the performance of the NDP government. Some commentators have made false assumptions; I am not a signed-up conservative, I hold no membership in any party, my only memberships being in the UAW and more recently the UFCW. I am foremost an Albertan who is very concerned about the long-term viability of our once proud province.
Our government is one that continues to throw our money at problems without thinking it through. There seems to be an assumption by too many voters that somehow the government knows what it’s doing where evidence shows they do not. Evidently some people are only too happy when the government comes up with our money to resolve issues. What happens when the money runs out? I get the feeling that socialists firmly believe the money will never run out. In the end there is only one taxpayer to bear this cost and it’s ordinary people. The government demands that we pay taxes. I think we have the right to demand a say in how those taxes are decided and where that money should go. The carbon tax is a prime example. We did not get the chance to vote on it. It was imposed shortly after the NDP were elected and without any consultations.
We have had our credit rating reduced because the NDP don’t have a trustworthy financial plan. They admit we will have an unpayable debt of $100 billion if they could only remain in power. Do the math. I shake my head at the irresponsibility of spending just to please supporters. We have started borrowing money to pay our regular operating costs.
A report from only a few days ago shows the wait times for seniors to enter long-term care has grown steadily worse since the NDP were given power. These are all failures by any measure. It’s no secret that the NDP racked up only 19.3 per cent support in a Citizen Society Research Lab poll. We cannot continue to cover or make excuses for poor performance or incompetence. With more taxes, ordinary people see costs going up and up. All businesses pass on taxes to their customers, so we end up paying multiple times over. Time to say enough. The good news is that in 10 months we voters have a chance to take back our province and regain hope.
Tom Burns

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What alternative do you think is better for Alberta, Tom? Before you answer, however, I recommend a glance eastward to Ontario. Many residents of Ontario will suffer under Ford’s Klein style slash and burn approach to governance. Is this the kind of governance you want for Alberta, again?





Dennis Bremner

ARCHES and this council’s policies coupled with NDP throwing Loonies at our Drug problems will secure 415th without issue! This report issued 4 days ago. We were 89th, now 209 and Council and the dream team of Phillips/Fitzpatrick should get us to 415 by next year!


Exactly Tom!..we know they will be punted in the next election,the question becomes…How much damage can they do before we get a fiscally responsible government in? The NDP seems to think that money grows on trees.
Ontario finally has got their fiscal ideology back on the rails with their new man, he has started by slashing Toronto City Councilors jobs. Man have the lefties there got their panties in a knot over that.


Unfortunately, johnny boy, this has nothing to do with panties, unless an individual is going to be in a position as not to be able to afford the purchase of any new panties, or shorts for that matter.

Do the math, johnny boy. The City of Toronto council slash and burn, for example. By comparison, Lethbridge, with a population of 98,198 (2017) and 8 councillors makes each councillor responsible for about 12,275 residents.

In contrast, City of Toronto with the current 44 councillors and a population of 6.4 million people has one councillor responsible for 142,000 people.

Slash City of Toronto council to 25 members? One councillor then becomes responsible for 256,720 Torontonians!

mic drop


So would sound to me that Hog-Town has got some belt-tightening to do! You lefties hate that sound of a belt getting sucked-in another notch don’t you. And maybe it might have something to do with panties after all…Just might be time for them to go to a cheaper brand.


Math not your best subject, johnny boy?

This has nothing to do with lefties or righties or panties or tighty-whities. Did you not understand, via the math, that 25 councillors for Toronto City Hall would be the equivalent of less than half of one councillor for City of Lethbridge?

As lonestar suggests, however, municipal councils are mere attempts to deceive the taxpayer into thinking/believing that bureaucratic oligarchy is nonexistent.


I gnorant M ost O ften save your attacks for another day.
You can split the numbers anyway you like but at least at least Ford is attacking the problem of over inflated government with cuts, if nothing else its symbolic, and that the days of Ontario’s high deficits are over. A fact that puts all you left wing toonies in a panic and yes maybe a knot or two in the odd pair of panties.


Anyone of the opinion that an elected council anywhere in this country runs the show, or makes critical decisions, primarily capital expenditures, and so on may be out of touch.

There’s a reason the City of Lethbridge’s unelected City Manager draws a whopper of a wage three times the Mayor, and a kid on full time at the hamburger shop makes more than a part time councillor.

Thanks for your editorial Tom, but we don’t hold the same hope you do that Mr. Kenney & his UCP, will change much, except perhaps give you the light bulbs and shower heads to install yourself instead of hiring someone from Ontario to do it for you.

Fedup Conservative

The ignorance of Tom Burns is well stated. Another one of these ignorant seniors, I’m guessing who allowed the Klein, Stelmach, and Redford government destroy this province over 25 years, and wanted the NDP to fix everything over night. What did he think would happen when Albertans allowed Ralph Klein to drive 14,783 health care workers out of the system, and refused to build any long-term health care facilities, because he wanted private for profit firms to take over the system.Of course it gave him a lot more money to give away to his rich friends, by not spending it on the well being of the people. I have been in hospital five times in the past year and the wait times have gone down under the NDP. I waited on average no more than 2 and a half hours while it was 6-8 hours under Klein, when I waited 7 and a half hours with my 89 year old mother-in law, after she broke her wrist falling on ice.

And of course Burns has to take another shot at the Carbon Tax , like his Liberal friend Jason Kenney has taught him to do, while he collects his Carbon Tax rebates. Looking at what Kenney’s hero Klein did to us is not consideration. Two of my latest bills showed Carbon Tax at $10.08 , while the fees Klein added to my bills with deregulation were $130.58 and we got $112. in Carbon Tax Rebates. It would never occur to Burns that the small Carbon Tax that we are paying will in some small way help some of our less fortunate people like widows, widowers, single moms, or low income families, Kenney certainly wouldn’t want that to happen. The well being of the average Albertans is no concern of his. .


A little civility would go a long way here, just because others do not share your bitter, often stated ,political views does not necessarily demonstrate ignorance. Perhaps you are suffering from the same malady you so vehemently ascribe to others .


Amen, Zulu1. this person,Fed-up Conservative, Alan J. Spiller, should be sincerely ashamed of himself for his long held demonstrative hate for another human our former Premier Ralph Klien particularly, and those he disagrees with generally, calling them fools, ignorant and stupid and so on.

Mentally healthy humans (at least most) possess the ability to state their dislikes so many ways employing civil tone adding dialogue meaningful to the conversation.

This person we have long ago dismissed as irrelevant..