January 18th, 2021

The pitfalls of overproducing

By Lethbridge Herald on August 29, 2018.

Business dictates continuous “growth.” Growth of what? We overproduce everything. Overproducing creates slowdowns, layoffs, financial crunches. Then conservatives demand more subsidies and tax relief so business can overproduce atmospheric gases to replace the oxygen people want to breathe. Conservatives say breathe less for business. Progressives insist we must have more of everything so we aren’t left behind.
Competition with America the Great dictates we have no time for people; first must come expansion of the overinflated economy. We have to contaminate fresh water in lakes and rivers, and inject unknown chemicals into groundwater to maintain the elusive dollar. Without fresh air and clean water … well, technology will take care of that, with some kind of replacement. In the meantime, do the best you can. The good news is the stock market is up, shareholders are happy, but still insisting they need more tax relief.
We have invented a way to grow fish in steel tanks because we need to fill the oceans with our overproduction of plastic. There is big money in storage because our attics and basements are overflowing with stuff. Automobiles are no longer transportation; they are stuffed with technology, and there is no room for drivers, so we are making driverless cars! Aren’t we smart?
Thank God for foreign investors, without them Canada would still be chipping rocks for arrowheads. The Americans have saved us from being overrun with buffalo and carrier pigeons; they are still working on bees. We are so lucky to have good friends like the Brits and Yanks; their colonial over-achievement is an inspiration. Another area of overproduction is faith in the philosophy of the Middle East, from 2,000 or 3,000 years ago. It serves us to know that God is in control; we can unbind our ego, and “let God.”
Don Ryane

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Wow. Is this rambling fact-free nonsense? Is it trying to be socialist? What is it? I think drugs may be involved.


Expect more of the type and similar discourse of desperation in an attempt to hang on to the jobs; jobs of administration, Albertans so foolishly handed Social reformers.

Tellingly this editorial demonstrates that their soldiers are on the ground early mining minds which can be mined.

Drugs involved? Hmm!