January 17th, 2021

Trying to block movie is blocking free speech

By Lethbridge Herald on June 25, 2019.

Many pro-life groups fought hard to get the movie “Unplanned” to be shown in Canada, writing letters, petitions, phone calls to government MPs and distributors, etc. and finally success! The Movie Mill in Lethbridge said yes, and now a petition has been launched to pressure them into not showing it.
There is no such thing as free speech in Canada if you’re pro-life. I am so disgusted with the pro-choice groups that refuse to allow free speech if it isn’t their speech. The movie hasn’t been seen by any of them, but because it is a pro-life message, the protests are on.
If you don’t want to see the movie; don’t. It costs money anyway. But don’t you dare stop those of us who do want to see the movie by having the opportunity taken away from us. There are no pictures of aborted babies to protest, no slogans telling you they die in pain. Nothing here to protest, folks. So back off and let us be pro-life, hidden away in the movie theatre. We deserve at least that.
Jill Skriver

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Seth Anthony

Your “pro life” position is more aptly termed “anti self rights”.

The “pro life” term reeks of delusional self righteousness and an unjustified moral superiority. It also implies that those who disagree with you are “pro death”, which of course, is utter nonsense.


Pro-Lifers are deluded hypocrites. They want to force women to bring unwanted children into the world yet do nothing to help the women after the child is born. They ignore the fact that humans are breeding like bugs and driving other species to extinction. No woman has an abortion for the fun of it. Your argument that this is about free speech has as much credibility as a drug or tobacco company arguing to show the health benefits of smoking cigarettes or taking drugs. How ‘dare you’ Jill Skiver to force your twisted religious backed agenda on us? Watch your propaganda in your basement; better yet – get educated on the subject of over population. https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/ http://www.everythingconnects.org/overpopulation-effects.html


How is it close to related to a drug company or tobacco company arguing about health benefits?

Pro-choice vs pro-life is not a fact based argument it is an opinion based argument. There is no “right” answer that can be proven.

Showing this movie or not is 100% about free speech, just because you (and I) disagree with the stance doesn’t mean a private business should be stopped from showing a harmless movie for customers that want to see it.

Seth Anthony


In general, rational and objective people have been limiting the amount of children they have. Religious people on the other hand, breed without thought, and breed like rabbits. That’s not an opinion, that is a fact.

Since religious people far outbreed the non-religious, it follows that religious people will once again take over, and we will go back to the religious dark ages.



Rational and objective people have been limiting the amount of children they have? Who is dumb enough to do that? Especially in Canada.

Maybe I am blind to this super rational group of people that are limiting the number of children they have because of concerns for the population but a. I doubt that number is high and b. anyone is Canada that does this is a moron.


Here’s a wacky idea. Let’s extend the idea of “pro-choice” to include being free to choose whether or not to screen/show a film, being free to choose whether or not to view a film, being free to choose whether or not to practice religion, etc etc. Being told what can be “pro-choice” and what can’t seems to defeat the concept of the term, no?


each of the entries responding to the letter make good points. the writer also makes a fair point, only in that free speech is free speech: who has the right to shut that down?
official propaganda is one thing, and that is not free speech; to choose to see or not see a movie indeed falls under free choice, unless i am missing something regarding the issue not stated so far. the good news is i can abort my presence at the screening of that, or any film.