January 16th, 2021

Obama’s support revived Liberal campaign

By Lethbridge Herald on November 22, 2019.

In support of “Didn’t Obama mingle in Canada’s election?” I think he meant meddle!

It was proven that Obama’s endorsement five days before the election had an immediate and huge upward effect on the polling of Justin Trudeau. Liberals were tanking and immediately after Obama’s endorsement, Obama’s comment was retweeted a few hundred thousand times, and media across Canada carried it, while demonizing Andrew Scheer. It revived the beleaguered Liberal campaign.

Obama definitely had a huge impact, it was totally inappropriate, and Canada will pay for it. What a corrupt government has been elected, and this skewed media is going after the UCP party now. They are still very supportive of the NDP, and have twisted any comment they can twist.

This next comment was made online, regarding the letter written re: Obama meddling in Canadian Politics. It said, “Many of us didn’t like Trudeau but know he did more for our oil industry than Harper ever did and oil executives know it.” What a blatant lie!

Under Harper four major pipelines were completed! TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, which connected Alberta to Texas; Alberta Clipper pipeline connected Alberta to Wisconsin; and two others. What Trudeau said about Harper not having one pipeline approved wasn’t true; these were fully built! As well, Trans-Mountain was in progress and had Harper pushed it through before regulations were satisfied, he would have been crucified! Trudeau’s new energy board slapped new upstream and downstream regulations on Canada East, causing them to withdraw their $1-billion investment in it. Then, pipeline killer Bill 69 was implemented, and when the Senate adopted every recommendation put forward from Alberta, Trudeau passed it without adopting any of them.

Then tanker ban Bill C-48 was passed, meaning we had no deep-water port for our oil. International tankers can still have access; only Alberta tankers are banned. Many reserves along the route have expressed anger they weren’t consulted, and had an Indigenous pipeline ready for approval, till Bill C-48 was passed. This has also effectively killed investment in our oil industry.

Jill Skriver


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UCP MLA for Taber-Warner and Minister of Red Tape Reduction, Grant Hunter has a possible solution for verbal diarrhoea.

Umm…er…no, wait a minute (so much reading to do these days, sometimes hard to keep it all organized), that wasn’t the solution for verbal diarrhoea, it was for public bloat!

The UCP are gonna give the province a giant enema!

Check it out for yourself.

November 20, 2019 Alberta Hansard 2427



Only a fanatic or lunatic (or both at once) would believe that an endorsement from Obama would make such a difference. If you are looking for a cause, look deep inside.

As for the emerging spin on pipelines, there were a couple of major lines approved under Harper, but also a couple of major lines under Trudeau.


Did you forget Kinder Morgan and Transmountain?

diplomacy works

I don’t see the point in publishing a letter that is chock a block full of untruths.

Take one – Bill C48.
It applies only to the area from the north of Vancouver Island to the southern Alaskan border.

It formalizes an existing voluntary ban.

It still allows for tankers carrying less than 12,500 metric tonnes of crude or persistent oil.

The Trudeau government passed it AFTER extensive recommendations from the unelected Senate were incorporated.

It is mean to protect Haida Gwaii and one of the most beautiful marine animal and resource rich areas of the world.

Environmentalist don’t think it went far enough to protect Orca et al.

Albertans don’t even know what it is but they’re willing to follow Kenney into separation land over it.

Truly desperate times.

It was passed in June 2019. No shipments have been stopped because of it.

Here’s the bill:


good old shrill skriver…what a blessing. yes, obama carries so much in weight in canada that i take my family every year into the waters of the soiled gulf of mexico (you know, where royal dutch shell spilled oil into the Gulf of Mexico on 22 April 2010, which is known as the largest accidental spill in history, releasing an estimated 210 million gallons of oil into the ocean. while those living off the water, and in the water still suffer today, shell got away for a song). just like the obamas and their pathetic photo op, our annual pilgrimage has us walk into the water up to our thighs, just like the obamas, to demonstrate how clean the water quickly became. in fact, we have come to learn that if we go all in it means we do not need to apply sun tan oil. the point: if obama said it was clean, so it is.


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