January 18th, 2021

Will common sense prevail over climate hysteria?

By Lethbridge Herald on December 30, 2019.

The Herald published three Canadian Press articles on Dec. 18 emphasizing a need to act on the so-called “existential threat” to our planet posed by the “climate crisis.” Mia Rabson, one of the writers, asserted: “A decade ago, climate change was more academic than reality, but in recent years few Canadians haven’t been touched directly by the kind of weather climate change may be causing: floods, fires, major storms, cold snaps, heat waves, longer winters, shorter growing seasons.”

Huh! Longer winters, shorter growing seasons, too, on top of those other alleged effects? Sure enough! That is what she wrote.

Increasing carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, the alleged cause of all these asserted weather disasters, has risen from about 300 parts per million to 400 parts per million as a result of our resurrection of energy from fossil fuels over the past century. Sure, carbon dioxide intercepts radiant energy other gases in the atmosphere miss. Does that extra little bit trap enough additional energy to interfere with the fluid flow and heat transfer processes in the atmosphere which establish the conditions in the space which allows for life on Earth’s surface? Many scientists don’t think so.

Climate science is extremely complicated. Many speculative theories can be established by those who study it. Data can be found and selected to support the postulated result, and then reported as fact by those who want to support the climate catastrophe narrative — for whatever reason.

Any scientist who questions these “facts” is labelled a “denier” with the carefully crafted hate speech devised by the catastrophist climatology crowd — intended to suppress open and transparent science that might ultimately establish climate change reality.

Is there any hope for Albertans caught up in this web of climate intrigue which threatens our way of life? Yes. The Herald just asked readers if they agree with the federal government that the climate crisis requites national measures like the carbon tax. Seventy-eight per cent of 630 voters said “No.” I choose to take that as an underlying sign that common sense prevails over climate change hysteria in our general population.

Duane Pendergast


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Actually, in Alberta, Jason Kenny is a greater threat to the people of Alberta, and is also more eminent.

Duane Pendergast

Thanks phlushie! Clarification please! Do you mean more eminent, or imminent – or both?

Tris Pargeter

He and Duane P. among disproportionate others for a place the size of Lethbridge, (owing to the disproportionate number of conservatives here of course; it’s a tribe) do NOT think climate catastrophe is “imminent.”
So they blithely claim more expertise than all the experts on the topic, despite how “complicated” it is! This despite the esteemed Professor Brian Cox pointing out that “being anti-expert is the way back to the cave.”


Exactly, Tris. Well said.


should have been iemminent/


The political equivalent of climate alarmism.

Tris Pargeter

I’d say he meant “imminent.”
Darn. These conservatives just keep falling short, and just can’t seem to get “the right” right!
Which begs the question, after all these kicks at the can, who in the world HAS?
It’s like religion, with all these rogue players continuously ruining the “pure” image held sacrosanct in believers’ minds….


Still flogging the same tired old horse

Duane Pendergast

It is interesting that the stories on Australia’s fires don’t mention the possibility that the heat from the many fires could be the cause of the recent temperature records? Anyone looking into that?




Please parse the by-line from the article you posted.

“Australia is grappling with massive bushfires fuelled by record-breaking temperatures and months of severe drought.”

In other words, the heat wave is the cause of increased bushfires. The bushfires are not the cause of the heat wave.


Bushfires are not an anomaly in winter in the drier areas of Australia. However, severe drought and increased temperatures have amplified this seasonal occurrence.


Duane Pendergast

Thanks IMO! That Australian government report you listed discusses grass and brush fires sensibly without a single mention of “climate change” as a cause. Seems much more fact based than the BBC story to me.

George McCrea

Good letter Duane. Here is a little food for thought.

An opinion offered with an attitude usually means a weak factual base. And when the true believers start calling out “heretic, unnclean and denier” it’s a sign that the end is near. These cults are always craziest right before they collapse completely.

Duane Pendergast

Thanks George! There is hardly any media space left for thoughtful accurate reporting on the carbon dioxide based climate issue. It must be extremely frustrating to serious climate scientists.

Fedup Conservative

I believe what University Professors pointed out several years ago these deniers are cowards. Global warming scares them so much they make up idiotic comments to convince themselves that it’s a hoax and we have nothing to fear. It’s like these so-called conservatives who blindly support anyone who attaches the word conservative to their name and hurl their sarcastic comments at those of us who aren’t dumb enough to follow their brand of stupidity. The sad thing is the vast majority of them are seniors and it’s not surprising, as our retired police officer friends point out, con-artists have made a career of screwing seniors out out their life savings because it’s so easy to do. While they believe every lie he feeds them Jason Kenney is making them look like village idiots for supporting him. It’s going to cost them a lot of money and maybe some of them their lives, like it did with Ralph Klein.


Just stay with the lemmings , what could possibly go wrong !