January 18th, 2021

Alberta gov’t making life tougher for seniors and others

By Letter to the Editor on January 21, 2020.

Let’s look at our “Money” Conservative party. Show us the money! What? No debt. What? No support. What? No medical. What? No education. What? No home.

They are cutting the corporate income taxes which the workers bear the cost of by not having a job. This will help our debt! How? $4 billion per year is lost to pay the debt that the Conservatives built over the last 15 or more years but they will save us. The savings will come off the backs of you and me, the common people, while they go their merry way with expenses for travel, hotels and holidays. No debt, but for them, not us. I do not see an increase in my pay structure so I can retire and have a life while I am alive.

What is happening to supporting the seniors, the children, the homeless, the disabled, the sick and the underprivileged? First, the budget will cost more for care from the professionals because the government is cutting budgets in the public sector which will reduce the efficiency of the service. Workers who already do a workload of two people will have to do more. I have worked with professionals who worked two “full-time” jobs and a “part-time” job to support their families. The family has food, a roof but no parent. Aren’t we lucky?

Look what they want to do to seniors. They have taken away the ability for a spouse who is 65 to look after the partner who needs them because they cannot work. They also want to take away our pensions by removing it from Canada where we got eight per cent interest to a company in Alberta that will get us three per cent. Are we really that stupid as a province to believe that this province that is in debt will help us? I hope not.

Seniors need to look to the truth and not the lies of Alberta looking after them. If the province was, seniors would not feel that they cannot give up their jobs to survive. Look at all the seniors still working because they have to. Alberta is not as kind as they say. Seniors pay more for medication when they end up in a seniors home. Where are the regulations? Not there.

From a parent and senior.

Lillian Westling


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Fedup Conservative

Of course Kenney is deliberately attacking seniors he knows how easy they are to trick. They will support anyone who attaches the word conservative to their name and believe every lie he feeds them, even when they are well known Liberals, pretending to be conservatives. Then they hurl their sarcastic comments at those of us seniors who are as stupid as they are. Of course he learned how easy it is to do it while watching Ralph Klein who always bragged about being a Liberal, as his daughter Angie will tell you.


anyone that thinks kenney is anything but a bagman for the big corp, or that he is truthful and will govern for the common person, has not looked at his political record. he will sell us out all the more, and is clearly picking up from where klein left off, only without the demand for our oil that klein allowed the in group to steal away. kenney’s payback will be far greater than his income as premier, and the subsequent golden handshake when his dirty deeds are done – he will be awarded easy money “work” by one or sundry of the corps he helped to rob us.


The UCP government is engaged in class war and class politics through enriching the lives of wealthy corporate shareholders on the backs of ordinary Albertans then covering it up with polished pronouncements designed to bedazzle the ordinary Albertan who may lack the interest or skills to parse the propaganda and dig for facts.

Nevertheless, those willing to spend the time doing so will discover that at the same time Alberta Justice has announced, that in an effort to find efficiencies, it will no longer provide tissues or water to victims who must give testimony at court, corporations, their executives and shareholders are robbing Albertans blind.

For those willing to spend the time, accessing online financial documents through SEDAR reveals that a mere 30 publicly traded companies in Alberta have reported to their shareholders that collectively they will save SIX BILLION dollars over the next four years as a result of the UCP corporate tax cuts.

For example, Husky, after the implementation of the corporate tax cut, fired hundred employees but reported to shareholders that the company will save 233 MILLION dollars over the next three years.

This information represents only 30 publicly traded companies in Alberta. It does not include them all nor does it factor in shareholder reports for privately traded companies.

Yet, the UCP government of Jason Kenney tells Albertans this corporate bail out only cost 4.7 billion dollars and that this corporate tax reduction will result in increased employment for Albertans.

Where are the jobs? 55,000 were promised. But, 17,000 jobs were lost in November 2019 and 36,000 full time jobs were lost in December 2019.

Folks, there won’t be any jobs created by the corporate sector in this province because they have not been given any incentive to do so. They have taken their money freely dispensed by the UCP government of Jason Kenney, thank you very much, paid up executives, paid out shareholders and a couple have left the province taking all of their bail out with them.

In the meantime, Alberta Justice has just announced, that in order to find budgetary efficiencies, victims testifying in Alberta courts will now be required to bring their own tissue and drinking water.

To add insult to injury, now the UCP government of Jason Kenney wants Albertans to shed a tear for all of the oil companies in rural Alberta who are in arrears for taxes to municipalities to the tune of 173 MILLION dollars.

This is class war.


BPE – Best Post Ever!