January 17th, 2021

Neudorf is doing plenty for Lethbridge

By Letter to the Editor on February 11, 2020.

I read Maria Fitzpatrick’s letter with absolute disgust. Nathan Neudorf is doing more for Lethbridge than either Fitzpatrick or Phillips ever did. I belong to a group of business people who’ve personally seen our issues taken to the appropriate ministries, and responses given back to us.

Neudorf regularly meets with the mayor and brings those concerns to the appropriate ministers, but remember, they’re busy dealing with the $52-billion fiscal mess the NDP foisted on this province, and policies that sent investors fleeing our province as our credit rating plummeted. Right now, Nathan has been taking calls from across the city, and really needs a UCP MLA in Lethbridge-West to help carry the load, instead of letters like Fitzpatrick’s that sabotage the great work he is doing.

The NDP has led the City of Lethbridge into creating the supervised consumption site (SCS), which is wreaking havoc on businesses and citizens alike, draining City resources, and ignored by the two NDP MLAs, (thankfully one former).

I have a separate letter I’ll write to the City on the waste of money this has been, and will continue to be. Mr. Spearman, I hope the province will no longer go into debt for your agenda, where you’ve ignored the many citizens’ cries to scrap the SCS. Treatment beds should have been there first.

Maria Fitzpatrick received many emails and calls from me, and in four years I received not even one response; I never want her back! Some of those calls required her to lobby for me, so her letter has left me steaming.

Shannon Phillips fulfilled her personal agenda and implemented the new parks and “protected” land programs without consulting many affected interest groups. In fact, Phillips ignored certain requests from opposing parties as her plans were implemented! The NDP followers are now inundating our UCP office with a massive number of frivolous emails and calls. By doing this, they are diverting time and resources from those who really need help. Neudorf’s office is working very hard to deliver help for all the citizens.

Jill Skriver


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Hear hear. Speaking truth.


I agree Resolute. Jill was so explicit in her remarks. She was spot on.

Tris Pargeter

Truth just isn’t THAT relative though, is it? It WILL out, the difference between your cohort and mine being your firm, one could even say RESOLUTE refusal to admit it, even if it walked up to you hit you in the face. Climate change is an example.
One of the Achilles heels of the proudly martyred United Christian Party is their tendency to overreach. “Absolute disgust” seems a bit strong when you’re backing the boys with the earplugs in the legislature whose leader is currently under investigation by the RCMP, and who play fast and loose with the truth on a regular basis, but calls it winning “strategy” instead. The actual, factual truth I mean. Doing that was simply NOT A FEATURE of the NDP, say what you will, and clearly, you WILL argue that as well, being the “black is white” and “up is down” bunch.
Trump is modelling the apex of your particular brand of conservatism/religion at the moment. We can all see it, and it’s far from pretty to see democratic ideals teetering and losing out to money and strategy. And mainly because these are LIBERAL, democratic ideals. Following the rogue right-wing impulse to just tear it all down because it was the despicable smart kids’ idea, to knock the tower of blocks to the ground, what exactly do you plan to replace it with? Where is there a conservative democracy?
But you are a member of the true “elite” among us, those in “business.” And YOUR concerns were addressed were they? So that makes the UCP MLA “great” to you, because it serves YOUR personal interests? Definitely the pre-requisite for being a card-carrying con.


The truth is Neudorf is in it to help business, not the common citizen, in the fact that he was part of the government that gave away $4,700,000,000.00 in revenue for large corporation, thus forcing the government to go to the common people of Alberta and Their Own employees to extract the lost revenue. This act actually throws the economy into a recession because the economy is based on consumer spending, not business profit. If the spending is reduced due to increased taxation, the economy slows down and business profits decrease. and everyone loses.


Nonsense. The 4.7 billion you speak of is over 4years. The reduction is 1% per
Year for 4 years as it is a reduction in corporate tax it applies to all this wind and solar parasites
Along with anything green. Even your hairdresser and favorite wine stores get this
Reduction. And timeto stop the Jason Kenneys corporate friends mantra. Unless of
Course he is friends with all businesses.


buckwheat, so you agree it is a loss of revenue that has got to be recovered from the people. right on. thanks.


tris, phlush, and imo hit the nail on the head here! nathan has no power whatsoever, only what kenney says. nathan gets a big, fat cheque to be a puppet, a clapping seal. the only “benefit” he brings, is to the backward old world religious blight as spokesperson for the bigot, and the unreasonable, the irrational, and the hater of those that are on the margins.


Jill Skriver asserts:

“The NDP followers are now inundating our UCP office with a massive number of frivolous emails and calls. By doing this, they are diverting time and resources from those who really need help.”

Ms. Skriver’s letter in general and the above assertion in particular gives rise to several important questions.

Is it not presumptuous of Ms. Skriver to assert that those engaged citizens reaching out to the Lethbridge-East constituency office are all “NDP followers”? How does she know this? Where are her statistics to verify her assertion?

Is it not also presumptuous of Ms. Skriver to categorize emails and calls as being “frivolous”? How does she know the content of these emails and calls? Is she an employee at the Lethbridge-East office? If so, is she not breaching the confidentiality of engaged constituents who are taking the time to participate in democracy? Moreover, is Ms. Skriver not usurping the role of the MLA in making such a determination and then disclosing it publicly?

Is it not logical for the reader to conclude that Ms. Scriver appears to be misguided regarding a basic tenet of democracy in her use of the phrase, “our UCP office”? Given that the preposition “our” is possessive, is the reader left to assume that the office of the Lethbridge-East constituency is the sole property of the UCP party in this province? Should this office space not rightly be referred to as the office of the MLA for Lethbridge-East? (as per Legislative Assembly protocol)

Is Ms. Scriver’s ill-informed and/or ill-conceived idea of democracy not clearly in contradiction to the definition of the role of an MLA in Alberta? The Government of Alberta website states that “each MLA represents a constituency.” Does it not follow, then, that an MLA represents ALL constituents and not just those who subscribe to the ideology/policies of the particular party to which an MLA is a member?

At the conclusion of the statement under scrutiny, Ms. Scriver, suggests that those who “need help” are the only constituents entitled to contact the office of the MLA. How does Ms. Scriver reach this conclusion? What informs her assertion?

Isn’t Ms. Scriver painting a very confused picture about the very core principles defining how a representative democracy functions? Hasn’t Ms. Scriver indulged in a partisan verbal attack on engaged members of the Lethbridge-East constituency whom she perceives to be non UCP adherents?

At the end of the day, would it not be in everyone’s best interests to be reminded of some of the key principles of democracy? Therefore, is it not the responsibility of an engaged public to be concerned about the accountability of the government?

In a democracy, the necessity for demanding adherence to the core principals of democracy informs those engaged citizens who take the time to communicate with their government representative.

Therefore, contacting the Lethbridge-East constituency MLA or the constituency office is not a “frivolous” partisan game.