January 23rd, 2021

There’s more we can do to prevent virus spread

By Letter to the Editor on April 18, 2020.

After reading R.B Walter Kerber’s “letter to the editor entitled “My plea to society” in the Lethbridge Herald on April 9, I must say I concur with everything he has said. We must all do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. It was reported that a third of the world is presently in some form of lockdown.

However, the letter only lightly touched on face masks, which I feel are just as important as social distancing, hand washing and staying at home as much as possible. They should be worn when we must go into public spaces that are deemed essential services (grocery stores, etc.). It has also been reported that one in four carriers (25 per cent) of the COVID-19 virus could be asymptomatic, meaning they are showing no signs of the virus. Properly-fitting homemade masks could protect us from the unknown, asymptomatic carrier (a few health officials say that wearing a mask in public only protects against the spread of the virus).

A study done in Washington state’s King County by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that of the 23 people who tested positive for COVID-19, only 10 people showed signs symptoms of the virus on the day of being tested with the remaining 10 people developing systems one week later.

Also, I would like to see those individuals who must enter assisted-living establishments for whatever reason be required to wear an approved mask when having to work within close proximity of the residents living there. We must do all that we can to protect ourselves and those who are vulnerable from acquiring this non-discriminating virus.

Kent Perry


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yes, face masks and banking go hand in hand. in fact, we should all be wearing facemasks at all times going forward – you never know what evil contagion lurks at any given time. alas, no virus announces itself, so best to stay ahead and make the facemask a necessary cloth of freedom and enforced civic duty (an acceptable or reasonable limit on rights and freedoms)…while we await the fashionable bubble for those that can afford a more pronounced fashion statement and perhaps even better protection.
indeed, going forward we can all stay at home and avoid participating in society so as to ensure everyone is safe at all times. too bad we do not do the same with regard to the bogus democracy too many continue to support: stay at home, do not vote, and stop being played.
chinook, while wet markets containing live animals are crude and cruel and should be stopped, your last paragraph looks loaded with racism to me.


Good letter! Mask, distancing and disinfectants are important.
As important is stopping the cause of it. Governments at all levels needs to put pressure on China to stop dangerous ‘wet markets’ to flourish (including other countries that allow this).
We also need to get stats on who / what ethnic group is primarily responsible for bringing this disease into Canada. This isn’t about racism; its about being real in a crisis.


Fedup Conservative

Great comments guys. Chinook has nailed it we have to get China and other countries to eliminate these wet markets, or there will be another virus created.

Bill Gates warned of a deadly virus in 2015 if you want to see it

” Bill Gates warned of a deadly virus pandemic in 2015″