June 18th, 2024

Cut leaders some slack

By Letter to the Editor on April 25, 2020.

As we work our way through this pandemic, more and more critical voices are emerging. Have our political leaders bungled this? Why have health experts waffled and contradicted themselves? Why did our politicians not respond in January when clear alarms were sounded? And more! My suggestion is that we all relax and cut our leaders (political and medical) a good deal of slack.

It is true that many in leadership have fumbled the ball. There was confusion about masks and costly dithering before borders were closed. Why could they not get it straight about the reality of human-to-human transmission. It does seem that the World Health Organization has been, at times, inept. Our own leaders have been indecisive and contradictory – as well as painfully slow off the mark. And our senior care homes – there are lots of opportunities for anger!

We will be better off if we treat all in leadership with a good dose of graciousness. The fact is our generation has no experience with a pandemic or this particular virus. Although few leaders want to admit this, we have all been fumbling our way through this. We are learning as we go. As one media person put it, “we are building this plane as we fly it.”

Perhaps we can call this year an adventure. We have never been this way before. And in the midst of our fumbling, along with the stress and real losses, there is one more truth. Along the way we will receive some gifts, new discoveries and perhaps a few holy moments. Let’s relax and move forward with generous spirits.

Terry Shillington


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hard to agree. for a very long time we have not had much in the way of leadership on anything; instead, our elected bunches have been, most, just a load of self obsessed lackeys. service has primarily been to the very wealthiest, to the largest corps, and to lining one’s pockets. the big picture has garnered the least attention, and worse, has been sacrificed in the name of greed and hubris. given that pandemics and massive disasters, whether viral, weather, or war related, have been a cause for concern for decades already, we could have been far more prepared for something like corona – which will likely prove to be a mosquito bite in relation to what lies beyond.
as we watch the planet begin to puke back on us for the last 150 plus years of inexcusable, abhorrent and arrogant abuse, we sit by as our so-called leaders do little of value to address the impending consequences. lots of talk, lots of meetings with great food and drink funded by taxes, but little in the way of changes and remedies. why? because those that truly pull the strings are sick, defective, selfish, hoarders of power and money, while too many, stuck on themselves, have bought in to the idea of success being material accumulation and consumption. in so doing, we not only have sold the farm, we have – perhaps irreparably – soiled it.
one thing to cut caring doctors slack; just stupidity to cut socio-psychopaths slack.