June 22nd, 2024

RCMP must face tought questions

By Letter to the Editor on April 29, 2020.

RCMP asking sympathy for a dead officer takes me back to shooting of four young Mounties in Alberta decade or so ago.

Though those officers were sent to a duck shoot by a known danger, the RCMP bosses escaped blame by arresting men who had given the killer a ride.

As the killers’ hairdresser told me, everyone on community was afraid of this guy so, of course, said yes. Now it seems to me RCMP are using sad death of one Mountie to deflect attention from lack of warning that might have saved lives.

If they used Twitter, many of us don’t use that….why not Amber Alert? We have pride and trust in our force but they must face tough questions.

Larry Mackillop


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yes, i recall that tragedy – further compounded by the tragedy of giving two men lengthy prison sentences on spurious grounds. the rcmp have had a long and sordid history of coverups, bungling, and criminal behaviour. and when found guilty of the many whatevers, it is the public purse that pays the monetary costs, not the guilty parties.


One really needs to read the latest press release on CBC, which puts an entirely different light on the tragedy in Nova Scotia. With respect to Mayorthorpe, biff, it is easy to sit back some 15 years later and criticize from your rocking chair. Your comment regarding the charges against the two individuals who were the drivers is inaccurate. The RCMP investigate and the crown prosecutors office lays and approves charges in matters of a criminal code nature. Your vitriol should be directed there.


i did not blame the rcmp for the miscarriage of justice regarding mayerthorpe; i just pointed out what i feel was a dreadful sentence for the two convicted. the officers did not die because of the actions of the two men that were not present, did not shoot, and had no ability to control or prevent the actions of the killer. that is my take on that matter. i stand by the rest of my entry, as well. for example, the rcmp history of sexual harassment – and it is the tax dollar paying footing the bill, not the individuals responsible.