July 14th, 2024

Roaster doesn’t have facts straight about Trudeau’s reno

By Letter to the Editor on May 13, 2020.

Re: “Two-faced Trudy … doing an $8.6-million reno on our dime…”

Trudeau does not own the Harrington Lake cottage. It has belonged to the Government of Canada since 1959 and every prime minister since then has spent time there. To be very clear, public money is being spent on public property. Public money is not being spent on Trudeau’s private property. The Roast and Toast writer accusing Trudeau of doing this is either spreading “fake news” or simply does not have correct information.

Leslie Lavers


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John P Nightingale

I wonder if the RandT writer (always anonymous) was so critical of Brian Mulroney for upgrading the government airplane, together with Sussex Drive AND Harrington Lake (yes THE Harrington Lake) during the 80s and early 90s???


we will never get responsible, decent, honest, compassionate govt with any shred of integrity so long as folk continue to line up behind political parties. the system is toying with our loyalty. how much more of the same will it take for people to finally wake up and smell the stench? there are those older than me that can say the problem has been around longer, but i have lived through 2 generations so far of utter bs.