January 15th, 2021

Clarifying items in proposed firearms ban

By Letter to the Editor on June 4, 2020.

I would like to clarify a few items in the proposed firearm ban. The AR15 rifle is currently a restricted firearm in Canada. It can only be fired at a firearms range, period.

The firearm is restricted by law to five rounds. You need a permit just to transport it to and from a range or you are breaking current laws. Trudeau stated that no one needs one to hunt deer. It is not legal for hunting. Misleading or a lie you decide.

The proposed law gives a two-year amnesty to legal owners to sell their firearm to the government. This will cost taxpayers billions. Did you know that legal gun owners can keep the gun until age 70? Did you know that hundreds of other similar firearms are still legal?

Trudeau states guns are made to kill people that in as short a time as possible. Imply Olympic shooters, farmers, ranchers, skeet shooters, trap shooters, legal owners that they intend to shoot people. What a joke. An estimated 21 million firearms are in Canada.

We have on average 350 firearm deaths per year in Canada. RCMP records attribute 63 per cent to gangs. Suicides are in the average of 14 per cent.

Almost every firearm violation is being committed by illegal firearms and criminals. Firearms banned in Canada are on the streets in the hands of criminals, not legal firearm owners.

Instead of targeting criminals the government is making criminals out of legal owners. Hire more border security and police, enforce meaningful laws and go after criminals.

Dale Brooks


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A Clarification on the Clarification:

The comments made were true before May 1, 2020.
The AR-15 and it’s variants were reclassified to prohibited status and it’s currently illegal to transport anywhere. It must be kept locked in your safe with a trigger lock.