January 18th, 2021

Truths and lies about new firearms regulations

By Letter to the Editor on June 4, 2020.

Some truths regarding the new firearms regulation by our government: Fully automatic firearms have been banned since the 1970s and are prohibited in Canada. The AR-15 semi automatic, that Trudeau calls a gun not needed to take down a deer is outright lie. This firearm is a restricted firearm that can only be used only at a licensed firearms range with proper permits to even transport it. This firearm is simply not legal in Canada for hunting.

Why lie? Banning large-capacity magazines is another lie. Current laws allow a maximum five-shot magazine. A 10-22 is a small- calibre .22 and banning a magazine for a .22 rifle. Foolish.

The aim of these regulations is political. Most non gun owners do not know the existing laws or know it takes months to obtain a firearms licence. Close to 80 per cent of illegal firearm activities are gang related and involve smuggled illegal firearms. Targeting legal owners will not hinder criminals.

Did you know that hundreds of semi automatic rifles are unaffected and still legal? Did you know current owners can keep these banned firearms at least to age 70?

Why bother banning? A two-year amnesty and a buyback plan that will cost taxpayers millions. Typical nonsense. Liberals wasted billions on gun registry that did nothing to reduce gun crime now this ill-conceived plan.

Why not crack down on firearm smuggling and gangs. Criminals do not wish to register their firearms, do not comply with the law, do not care who they harm.

When criminals commit a firearms offence and are released on parole days later so they may commit more crimes, does that make sense. Catch and release for criminals. Ban and confiscate for legal law-abiding citizens.

Will we ever see common sense again? Maybe when Liberals are gone.

Dale Brooks


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Southern Albertan

Perhaps this interesting blog may of more assistance in sifting out Kenney UCP distraction things re: firearms let alone “jobs, racism, COVID and the Saudi-Russian oil price war.”
“No need to lose much sleep over yesterday’s firearm ownership announcement by the UCP”
This can be read at: http://www.albertapolitics.ca
The blogger ends by saying, “In other words, as usual, our tough talking premier is all hat and no cows.” 🙂