July 21st, 2024

Quick judgments aren’t always fair

By Letter to the Editor on June 19, 2020.

I am writing in response to the article Greg Bobinec wrote on June 8.

The comments about Lethbridge Conservative MP Rachael Harder are assumptions. It is her job to represent all people, not just one group over another. So I believe she couldn’t have said anything else and been true to her calling, “all lives matter.”

How is she going to represent them if she doesn’t come to the rally and hear what they have to say? Unless you talk to her and get the whole story no one knows why she was there. The news, both paper and TV, only gave the short quote of “all lives matter.”

It is easy to make quick judgments that are not always fair, especially when we don’t have all the facts.

Dennis Lindskog


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OMG Dennis! “all lives matter?” We are indeed heading down a slippery-slope when we come to that conclusion! LOL


Our MP Rachael Harder is an outstanding
Representative for her constituents. She
does a fantastic job as an opposition MP.
Wait until she gets her cabinet seat when
the Liberals are over thrown in an upcoming
vote of non-confidence!

With all due respect, MP Harder is a prime
example of a principled, dedicated and successful
leader, of whom I hold high respect.

Seth Anthony

I don’t support the Conservatives, but yes indeed, Rachel Harder is an “outstanding representative for her constituents”. If she was an NDP MP, the NDP supporters on this forum would be singing her praises instead of insulting her for things she has no control of. Welcome to bias and hypocrisy. Welcome to our archaic and divisive political system.


Thanks for the belly laugh, Sether.


ms harder is a puppet, as is the typical elected official. raise your hand when the whip says so; read the questions that are prepared for you; send out the mindless monthly…hardly worth 50k a year, let alone almost 4x that. here, we have a kid getting far too big an allowance.