January 15th, 2021

Policing changing for the better

By Letter to the Editor on July 9, 2020.

In The Herald’s Roast and Toast page one person wrote “don’t judge till you have walked in their shoes.”

Which I did for many years and be assured there are many good cops and there are some bad cops.

Since every person now carries a smartphone, we are witnessing crimes being committed by bad cops.

Police departments routinely so-called circled the wagons, protecting their own and preventing the truth from coming out. Had the 17-year-old girl not filmed the murder of George Floyd under the knee of a bad cop, then, like in the past, the truth would never have come out and nothing would have changed.

Police are now being equipped with body cameras to keep them honest. Policing has changed for the better forever.

Mel Godlonton


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Well Mel i will believe it, especially in Lethbridge when the police here stop taking down kids that are dressed as Storm-Troopers waving around plastic guns that are completely harmless. That one incident made our little city the laughing stock of North America! UNBLIEVABLE!


Go wave a black plastic fake gun around downtown and see what happens.
Everyone but you have forgotten that incident.


i am just disappointed that the great series “cops” is being cancelled. thanks no doubt to black lives matter. one of the great insights into the shining light that is the crony capitalist usa: the policeman of the world; the holder of the currency standard despite it being over 20 trillion in debt with no one even close to that scale; the greatest human rights abuser of the free world; the greatest war crimes state of the free world; the beacon of what capitalism is really about. “cops”: never has there been a program that so very well captures the social condition of a decrepit land.