July 19th, 2024

Humanity’s effect on the Earth easy to see

By Letter to the Editor on July 10, 2020.

Re: Cosmos Voutsinos’s guest column Tuesday, June 30, “Re-examining assumptions.”

Cosmos’s remarks in The Herald stating “thereby justifying all their climate alarmism.”

If Cosmos can’t see the effect humanity has on this Eath, all he has to do is turn his thermostat on, take a drink of water from his tap and then go flush his toilet after he has had his breakfast, which consists of “toast – toaster,” “eggs – stove.” The eggs, produced from poultry farms. I will not go into industries, etc. or numbers as each action we perform on our everyday activities affect the CO2 chain of events from human activities.

Sometimes people can’t see the trees for the forest. I think people get tired of naysayers trying to justify their statements of denial.

Jeffery F.L. Beal


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Or the elites create a crisis (global warming/ climate change) who then come up with a solution (a tax, what else), implement the solution, and then never discuss if their solution works, and suggest everyone who questions this orthodoxy or whether the solution is working is a DENIER. The usual MO. Yawn


the point of the letter is more about how thoughtless, nonchalant, and even ignorant we are to the adverse effects of our actions. the stuff we make and spill and trash does not just appear without significant consequences nor does it all disappear into a magical nothingness without more adverse consequences. while the example of food is a need, we indulge ourselves with so many nonessential goods and practices. if we began to limit the wants of our world, and focused most on the comforts related to our needs, we could in fact be sustainable.


Jeffrey. You could be challenged to identify a single denial of a scientific or economic fact in Cosmos’s editorial. Are you implying that we stop cooking or freeze in the dark to save the climate from changing?
Remember, “Fear plus urgency lead us to stupid drastic decisions with unpredictable side effects.


I guess there is no middle ground between recklessly wasteful lifestyles and starving in the dark.

I don’t think Jeffery would have any trouble finding the holes in Cosmos’ letter. I saw a Greyhound bus parked in one.

BTW ignorance and complacency have their own problems, particularly when you are experimenting with ouur life systems as we emit an additional 36 trillion kilograms of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere each year.