January 22nd, 2021

Think wearing a mask is uncomfortable?

By Letter to the Editor on July 10, 2020.

It’s disheartening to see so many people not adhering to the AHS guidelines including mask wearing.

The following is from a nurse who works with ventilators. If you think wearing a mask is uncomfortable and humiliating, this information is for people who don’t understand what it means to be on a ventilator but want to take the chance to go out to a movie, have a drink in a bar, go to an arena or back to work.

For starters, it is not an oxygen mask that is put over the mouth while the patient comfortably lies down and reads journals. Ventilation for Covid-19 is a painful intubation that goes down your throat and stays there until you live or die. It is done with anesthesia for two or three weeks without moving, often upside down, with a tube deposited from your mouth up to the air pipes and allows you to breathe to the rhythm of the lung machine. The patient can’t talk or eat or do anything natural – the machine keeps you alive.

Discomfort and pain they feel from this mean that medical experts must administer sedatives and pain meds to ensure pipe tolerance as long as the machine is needed. It’s like being in an artificial coma.

After 20 days from this treatment, a young patient loses 40 per cent muscle mass and gets trauma in the mouth or voice cords, as well as possible lung or heart complications. It is for this reason that old or already weak people can’t stand treatment and die. They put a tube in your stomach, either through your nose or skin for liquid food, a sticky bag around your butt to collect diarrea, one to collect urine, an IV for liquids and meds … an A-line to monitor your blood pressure, teams of nurses, CRNA and MA to move your limbs every two hours and lie on a carpet circulating ice-cold liquid to help reduce your 104-degree temperature.

All of this while your loved ones cannot come to visit. You will be alone with your machine. Or your mother will. Or your father. Or your son or daughter. Or wife or husband. But … you think wearing a mask is uncomfortable and humiliating?

Stan Adamus


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What about for the 99.9% of people that will have no need for a ventilator?

How uncomfortable is it for them?


World-wide data suggest that somewhere around 1 in every 5 people infected with Covid develop difficulty breathing and require hospital care. The majority who end up in the ICU need ventilation.

0.1%? I guess baxter is part of the wishful thinking group that likes to imagine Covid is not serious and does not require significant public health protection measures.


We have had Covid in Canada for at least 4 months now, probably longer. How many people in Lethbridge have gone on a ventilator because of Covid?

The chances that an individual in Lethbridge is going to even get Covid, let alone go on a ventilator because of it is tiny.

Using scare tactics of what can happen if you go on a ventilator is over the top and unnecessary.

Also, I wear a mask when going out, have multiple masks so I can ensure that I have them in both vehicles and therefore don’t forget it and have them for my whole family.

So as fast as superstars like biff want to try and offensively label people as being from Arkansas and a trailer park (as though there is something wrong with either of those things) I am likely doing more with a mask than the majority of the population.


your first comment speaks for itself – does it not? and that is not the first time.


Yes it does and my first comment says that vast majority of individuals will not ever come close to needing a ventilator so there is no need for the over the top fear mongering about wear a mask or you could go on a horrible ventilator.


amazing that baxter can always find a way to outdo one of his prior comments – that had heretofore already been the most ignorant utterance by anyone anywhere to be found.
alas, whenever one starts to believe there is hope for the planet, along comes a baxter to underscore why things instead just keep getting worse. if you can’t get to trailer park, arkansas, a visit with baxter should suffice.

Seth Anthony

“World-wide data suggest that somewhere around 1 in every 5 people infected with Covid develop difficulty breathing and require hospital care.”

That is a meaningless and non-sensical scare tactic statistic for two reasons:

1) If the world’s population was only 10 people, then that statistic might be cause for concern. See what I mean? Which is kind of in relation to…

2) The statistic can’t take into account the vast majority of the public that have contracted Covid, but are asymptomatic or get such mild symptoms that they don’t go the hospital. They aren’t included in the “1 in 5”. As such, the statistic should actually be, “1 in a number a hell of a lot bigger than 5”. Furthermore, the small death rate is for the most part, confined to those that are already very old and terminally ill to begin with. Covid doesn’t have a significant impact on everyone else.

That statistic is so blatantly useless and underhanded, that I’m taken aback on how many people fall for this typical type of “lie by omission” statistic.


what was left out of the 1 in 5 was the other factor. it should read 1 in 5 of 100,000. this will give a better perspective. reduce it down to 1 in 100,000.


Thanks to SA and phlush for more wishful thinking. This should help a lot with the public health issues. It really is nothing worth worrying about, right?


Maybe Seth & Flush should catch it then report back on how weak the virus is and how little effect it has.
So easy to throw popcorn from the cheap seats.

Seth Anthony


I’m throwing popcorn from cheap seats?

What I’ve “thrown” on the matter is critical thought and Covid truth. I don’t throw misleading scare tactic statistics and headlines like the statistic I refuted in this thread. Note that despite seemly disagreement from you and grinandbearit, neither of you defended your position with any real data or anything of substance. Rather, you both replied with irrelevant points veiled in insults.

Anyway, if I did get Covid, I could very well not know it, as it essentially has no effect, or little effect unless you’re very old with underlying terminal health issues. It’s very weak towards 99% of the population. THAT is the reality and that is what makes it weak.

EDIT: I just saw a most apt meme. It’s a picture of Rod Serling with the caption, “Imagine if you will, a virus so dangerous that you have to be tested to even know you had it”.


i have no idea why people think that less than 1% have symptoms or that only very old people with terminal health issues show effects. This is not true https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/guidance-documents/signs-symptoms-severity.html

It is also worth noting for SA that contradiction does not equal refutation.


The actually statistic from the USA is that only 0.017% of the population died and only 3.4% contracted some form of COVID.